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I admit I recently got just a little too interested in a certain right wing troll who seems to have undue influence on some Republicans. I won't play games by not naming him, it is Erick, son of Erick.

I realized that I would be causing myself unending agony by reading his twisted, illogical, bible thumping wastes of cyberspace also known as Red State diaries. I knew I had to stop. I did.

Fortunately, (or not) I learned this lesson when I once tried to contribute to a libertarian site. I thought they were mischaracterizing Freidrich Hayek to their own selfish ends. You can imagine how that went. I walked away eventually and realized exiting in cases like these was the best thing to do.

But Erickson is harder to ignore than an obscure libertarian blog. He's mentioned on MSNBC for crying out loud. I hear his vile tweets even when I'm not following him on twitter. And when it was mentioned that he was sleazily tweeting along with the rest of the right wing noise machine about Wendy Davis, I just had to look.


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Here's what I found:

That's just one. Plenty before that one and it has not let up since. Abortion Barbie? Naw Erick, you're not a troll. Not at all! Not sexist either. You're doing the Lord's work, just how He wanted it done!

Anyway, the point of all this is not to retort rhetorically but pecuniarily. I didn't rant on Twitter or here on DK about what a fuckstick Erickson was. I donated. I donated to Wendy Davis' campaign.

I know we get pitched to donate to this or that pretty much everyday. None of us have enough money to contribute to everyone nor do our interests always align. But with that said, I'm going to ask you to contribute whatever you can to this campaign.

Imagine the head explosions on the right if Davis could win the Texas governorship. Imagine the positive change for women this would signal. It could be a turning point in the war on women. Even if it's a small $3 or $10 donation, it counts. It means something. When the finance reports come out, the world will know we stand together.

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