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Our fourth New Day inspired meet up will happen tomorrow and we're honored to have so many guests coming from far and wide to celebrate community and progressive politics. It looks to be a great opportunity to connect, be inspired and get educated as we go into 2014 with clear goals: Keep the Senate, take the House and challenge Republicans from Governor to City Council.

The goal of DKos Asheville has always been to link local and regional Kossacks together with other local bloggers, activists and politicians to help drive, or at least contribute to, the progressive community. Through four meet ups and five voter registration outings, we have slowly built a fledgling foundation that we hope will continue to grow.

We've been blessed with relationships with our local progressive talk radio host Jeff Messer and our local progressive City Council Member Gordon Smith, along with Scrutiny Hooligans and Crooks and Liars blogger Tom Sullivan.

Here are our guests
Gordon Smith and Sarah Zambon

Here is our radio appearance promoting the meet up.
880 The Revolution, Asheville's progressive talk

Here is Jeff's blog post today.

The Daily Kos bloggers in our region are among the most passionate and patriotic people I've encountered in the past year of being here. We had Dave and Randall on the show several times, and recently! I just want to remind folks of the meet up they are having at the Cantina in Biltmore Village tomorrow (January 25) at 1 PM.

Come on down and get to know these great folks, and hear Gordon Smith (City Concilman) speak. I'll be there. You should be too.

I second that emotion. Come on down and help prove that it all starts local.

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