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In a deep dark pearl clutching moment the right wing always seems to fall back on one thing these days.

But, but liberals are worse than the Nazis.

Cuz ya know:

Equality = Fascism.

Health Care = Death Camps

Fair taxation = Kristallnacht

Feminism = Goebbels.

Obama = Worse than Hitler

It's a deep dark and twisted world full of conspiracy theories and gun clutching that these people seem to live in and their leaders just keep on ratcheting up the fear. Most will have not a clue about the history of fascism nor the Nazis; except that  they were evil.

Basically the Nazis hated: women [to breed with no rights and to be obedient], gays [to be eradicated], Jews [to be slaughtered], the infirm [to be removed], and any business that didn't serve the party nationalized [or given to party backers/faithful]. The racism stemmed from the belief of national superiority over other races and cultures deemed to be inferior [exceptionalism].

Nazism has always been regarded as extreme right wing in the political spectrum and they hated communism with a passion whilst having some things in common when it came down to the concept of the party and control.

However to scream "Nazis, Communists!" every time someone proposes something you do not like smacks of either, mindlessness or a means to an end.

When you start trying to scare people for your own gain then you are entering the realm of extremism. When you start acting upon those fears irrationally then you are entering a realm where authoritarians can prosper.

When the rich and powerful whine about being victims in order to amass more and more of the wealth to buy elections and power, perhaps it is time to question their motives.  When their cries to anything that impedes this is involves "Nazis! Communists!" you should start asking yourself some serious questions since they obviously consider themselves as superior and in their rightful place [re Romney and the 47%].

Using fear and generating loathing has always been a tactic of the extremes, and the way words are used is telling. The extreme right wing or as they would love to be termed "conservatives" have become specialists in this over the last few decades. The first reaction should be when the rich and powerful start to scare you is to question their motives, and perhaps what their screaming against is in fact what they wish to apply as long as they are the ones in control. An elite status for the few, authoritarianism for the rest [Ayn Rand].


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Originally posted to LaFeminista on Sun Jan 26, 2014 at 02:19 AM PST.

Also republished by Political Language and Messaging.

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