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This is my first diary, so forgive me if I err!

I recently trolled around the internet looking for some hot gay gossip.  I admit it.  But in fairness, it had a train of thought....
 I had commented on a thread by xxx regarding Kirk Cameron and his gay pants.  I mean rants.  My comment was about  how I kinda had some info that Kirk might be gay.  I say might be gay, only because someone I knew saw him at a (gay) party many years ago.  So guilt by association.  Don't have any viable evidence.  Just innuendo....

So, I googled, as we googlers do....Kirk Cameron Gay.  What came up was a plethora of gay rants by Cameron.  Lovely.  I also found this website.
 Forgive me for not knowing how to link it.  Hopefully that worked!
 The article is totally absurd.  I scrolled through, and then through the comments....oh, my.
 The ignorance was amazing.  But I did manage to find a few friendlys.  They emboldened me to make comments myself.  Here is the first comment I made regarding the article itself:

"I stumbled on this page accidentally...and wow. Just wow. I laughed until I realized people really think this way.

Two sentences in this article really stood out for me:
 "Don’t move on to the next question until there is a detailed statement and description of what homosexuals do."
 "Homosexual behavior is like sticking a square peg into a round hole over and over again..."
 Folks that are so obsessed with what gay people do in the bedroom seem to have sexual issues of their own. I'm pretty sure most people don't care what others do in the privacy of their own home. If you really want to know, pick up a copy of The Joy of Lesbian and/or Gay Sex....or visit your neighborhood gay porn video store. Skip the straight-male-girl-on-girl, because that has no basis in reality.
 Did you marry your wife just because she had the proper 'plumbing' and could bear your children? I hope not. Human relationships are far more complex than that. Procreation has nothing to do with committing to another person in a binding marriage. You can do that without getting married.
 Don't even get me started on the AIDS misinformation. The author really needs to be better educated about this horrible disease.
 We can all coexist. And we will have to....because it's just a matter of time that same sex marriage is the law of the land. The judges are just following the rule of law.
 We don't have to agree with one another; we just have to live in this world together. And respect each other as human beings.
 Thank you, Michael Ritter and Chaz and a few others who've posted in the comments to offset some of the super anti gay rants.

I'm HarleyinSF on the site.

I don't believe in trolling, but I think if you have valid points to refute an argument (if you can call it that), and make your case, it's not trolling.  So please visit this crazy website and state our case!



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