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In this controlled environment, I tend to essentially see level headed folks writing pretty cutting edge articles (of course, Progressives tend to be in that lot).  But in the netherrealms that is Yahoo and elsewhere, ignorance reigns supreme (Ok, at least it's running rampant).  Thus, I give you a few of these gems...they are what we are up against, and in some cases, a good laugh.  Feel free to laugh (or weep).


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What "The West" is trying to do is disgusting to contemplate - they should leave each nation to live however they want; however it is even more important to understand that there are four points of view to consider in this 'not-so-hot debate': morals, politics, religion, and legal.

Morally - gayism is stupid and just plain disgusting.
Politically - gayism is whatever the politicians say it is once we have let them in power
Religiously - Well, anyone can start any religion today and label it with it's own unique set of rules, but the oldest and more prominent religions label gayism as decadent.
Legally - Legally, it is what the Constitution says it is... which is $#!t really because politicians simply find ways to bend and amend the Constitution to whatever their whims and potentials are.

So, quite simply, to each his own, and 'The West' needs to respect that.

Any questions?

(Comment from this article about the global divide of tolerance of homosexuality).
They will probably let it die. That should be a relief to the husband who evidently doesn't want another child. Especially since he is not man enough to raise a chid with handicaps.
(From this about the fetus of Marlise Munoz ...you'd have to be appalled, even if you were a pro-lifer, about this callous comment).
As a two-tour Vietnam Army veteran, and living in Arizona for the past 17 years, I can tell you John Mc Cain is no Vietnam War hero. He was unfortunate to be a prisoner of war, as were thousands of others, and has a special status as a POW survivor under horrendous conditions and torture. There are 59,000 names of the Vietnam Wall in Washington, D.C.., and there were about 90 Medals of Honor awarded both to living and posthumously Vietnam Veterans. Those are the heroes, folks. he is no "Maverick" (a name he gave himself). He is one of many who serve as examples of why we need term limits, time to come back home to Cottonwood, AZ.
(From this little gem, I guess you can't even be "veteran" or "POW" enough!)

I'll end it here for now...beddy-bye boze time (and bonus points if you know what iconic 80s work that I stole it from!).  There's more where that came from (which, if you think about it, is kind of depressing!).

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