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Not that I watched Morning Joe, but I'll miss Maddow and Hayes.

Here'€™s the message from the programming director of MSNBC, who by coincidence is also the Communications Director for the Republican National Committee, reporting that the person responsible for a heinous and unforgivable act of reverse racism has been fired.
Someone got fired for saying something that everyone knows is true because it was an easy scalp for right-wing-racists-slash-Republicans* to take during their latest fit of manufactured outrage. Or maybe it's not manufactured; it's possible that right wingers don't see themselves as racists, even if the policies they support and language they use enable outcomes that sure look like racism to me. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc.

Regardless, I have little sympathy if offensive people are offended.

It's a rather dumb decision on MSNBC's part, considering the portion of their audience that would fall under heading, right-wing-racist-slash-Republican. I'm sure the revenue that demographic segment brings in is dwarfed by that of other, non-right-wing-racist-slash-Republican viewers. At most, all that MSNBC should have done is offer a standard non-apology, delete the tweet, and move on. It's what FNC would have done, and I'm not the only one that thinks the same. But by firing some unnamed staffer, you've let the right-wing-racists-slash-Republicans mess with someone's life and livelihood...and after all, haven't we had enough of knee-jerk personnel decisions spurred on by right-wing-racist-slash-Republican outrage?

Regardless, it's my personal boycott. Join me if you will.

(*in defending the right wing racists who object to being called right wing, the chairman of the RNC reinforces the idea that the GOP is populated with racists...the oversensitivity on display is indicative of knowing - at some level - the criticism is spot on. The truth hurts. You could say the same thing applies to their reactions and responses to the phrase, "GOP War on Women.")


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8:08 AM PT: The blockquote above doesn't seem to like the link to the original post I put in, so here's the plain URL:


Apologies, but I don't seem to have all the mechanics and quirks of the diary function here down quite yet.

10:26 AM PT: From commenter jayden: If you don't want to just preach to the choir then provide contact links: Phil.Griffin@nbcuni.com

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