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No on your poll. Every state has good and bad, let's try to expand on teh(sic) good and let the bad die off.
Name some of the good in Alabama that’s not the last unspoiled nature; name some good about the human animals live there. Come on, yes, I taunt you, call you out, require you to pony up the facts to support your “Every state has good and bad, let’s try to expand on teh (sic) good and let the bad die off.”

O you such a intellectual puny to say such, now you back it up. Yup, you can find a hundred good folk, folk unstupid, unracist, and under the radar because so few.

You look back at Alabama, you turn to saltpeter.


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How do you explain more folk in Alabama need a single payer system, need even the flawed Affordable Care Act yet the politicians, most Republicans nixed it, and the populace, mostly white, elect and reelect them.

How explain Alabama at or near the bottom of the states in a majority of quality standards. You can Ixquick the sources and the facts yourself.

My questions are statements, yeah.

Every state has its good and bad so easily slips out your mouth, I have to ask, are you a woman, black, gay, scrapple po’ white so racist you vote against own good, or any group stomped under, and even then many vote the status.

And badmouth them northern liberals, hell, even the northern conservatives are better than the southern conservatives, though I have a distaste in my mouth to say so.

I’m beginning to evolve my opine of liberals, some here. I remember when I posted a narrow analysis of powers, rights, and states’ rights, some folk here said what does it mean to you buddy.

My loose paraphrasal interpretation.

Some called it stream of consciousness, but ask my kin, kith, friends, folk at leftinalabama.com, even my enemies “stream of consciousness” my word?

Analyze that stream or this stream goes now in the urinal.

Some comments were useful, helpful, and I refined it, reposted it at leftinalabama.com where the folk are generally smarter than y’all, more humane less gotcha, than y’all, which not the attitude of the D K.

I want fucking liberals, progressives, both more analytical, precise, and empirical, at the same time more emotional, emotive, fervent.

When you comment on a post, correct the grammar, correct the facts, and dont ask weenie questions such as was it good for you, what does it mean to you?

I want progressives to live as mensch.

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