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Is this a serious warning from the environmental systems or a sign of pre-planning a disaster management activity?


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The increasing global warming, pollution and other anthropogenic activities are seriously affecting the planet to spine shivering incidents occurring at a rapid pace. The 5.9 magnitude earth quake which caused ups and downs along the east coast, encouraged most of the citizens to evacuate buildings once it was felt from Newyork city to North Carolina. The incident occurred in 2011 and the impact is still going on. The US government is taking up strict strategies to provide instant help to any place which comes under the earth quake susceptible areas.

The changing climate has become the most complicated issue throughout the world. The impact of polar vortex is measured through various places of US, studying the increasing vibes. Climate changes have become an international denote, thriving for a quick improvement in the environmental conditions and facilities to the unprivileged citizens who are at risk. According to the recent news dated Feb. 7 2014, this year winter continuous to affect several areas of the country. The extent of snow is expected to be high in the areas like Oregon, parts of west and the northern parts, California etc. One of the effects of persistent cold winters is that most of the rivers are getting frozen to an increased amount. These changes have caused many sittings to wonder and worry about the rapid environmental challenges.

According to the reports and study conducted by NOAA, the scientists say that the ice covered 78.7 % of the Great Lake on Feb. 6. The reports suggest that not since 1996, the ice has been so widespread. This is considered being the most abrupt turn in coast past few years. According to Dr. Matt Sitkowski, Science & Weather Coordinator at The Weather Channel says that the changes in the climate could be a reason for the increase in ice spread. But on the other hand, he also confronts that this change might not be as disastrous as the scientists are afraid of. To go in deep with the truth, the change in the climate is becoming inevitable and no conclusion can be drawn in favour of it. This is posing a pressure on farmers and citizens who are facing this extreme climate. On Wednesday, Barrack Obama administration announced the formation of seven “climate hub“, which helps farmers and rural communities adapt to extreme weather and other climatic conditions. These centres will perform as information sectors with a goal to aidagriculturalists and ranchersmanage risk, which include fires, pests, floods, and droughts that are a result go global warming.

Agricultural secretary Tom Vilsack says that these kinds of changes with dangerousclimateconditionsaccentuates the need to taking important steps to acknowledge the impacts of climate variations on cultivation, forestry and other natural resources. The increasing storms that have been reported throughout the state for past few years is a sign of warning to tighten the belts and fight the climate changes.

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