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Hello, puzzlers!

The first Sunday of the month came in the middle this month. But, we have a potluck!

I've got a Julie crostic and Nova is always prolific with catchphrases.

Update! A Juliecrostic from Villanova Rhodes just arrived! Hers are always so challenging and fun!

If you have a puzzle, either post it as a comment or Kosmail me and I'll add it to our table!

And, here we go .....

A Juliecrostic from Villanova Rhodes came in at the last minute!

  1.   ash cache
  2.   three times a hit
  3.   half of 136, 45, 23
alternate clue 3: impact
  4.   watermelon man
  5.   jumbled nickties
  6.   Mitt profanity
  7.   fantasy awards
  8.   two yutes, but not those tried
  9.   Dvorak target
10.   pucklady's geographic neighbor
11.   tail end of letter
12.   bundle of nerves
13.   digital commandments
14.   you're indebted before 16
15.   these go to eleven -- and then some
16.   flexible sacks
17.   rage
18.   Latin rage
19.   predator's home
20.   ordinary weekdays for some fathers
21.   French boatman
22.   black cat
23.   talk show host with Noel
24.   provoke
25.   network translator
26.   pack parts
27.   nurses
28.   stacked
29.   partial genesis of Clint's inspiration
30.   home for white elephants
31.   major channels
32.   morning song
33.   abhorrent state


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Julie, we miss you so.

 1 parts of a harness
 2 slider
 3 French delicacy
 4 avow
 5 How a Republican treats the poor
 6 gathers
 7 injure
 8 a cat
 9 Leonardo, Michelangelo, Rafael, Donatello
10 What ate the baby?
11 cherishing
12 getting on
13 sometimes it's blazing
14 spanks
15 whitewater enthusiasts
16 reposer
17 notch
18 highways
19 shudder
20 wrestling wear
21 sparkles
22 This California winter
23 advances
24 Geo. W Bush
25 constellation in the southern sky
26 cephalic
27 Stanford not-Indians
28 Got 'em in two!
29 Dan Vitters'  
30 Part of flight

And, from Nova:

A Leftover Dish

One of the JulieCrostic clues from two weeks ago remains unsolved, so I'll reveal the answer in comments tonight an hour after this diary posts if no one manages to solve it before then.

Here's the clue again:

I see blind man's heart
Since the rest of the puzzle has been solved, you know that the answer is comprised of the letters A D E I H S T.

As additional help in solving:

The answer is a 2-word phrase.

A Google search of the phrase turns up over 92 million hits. Of those, 673,000 actually pertain to the clue.

You should be able to solve the clue easily once you figure out the meaning of heart.

And here's the second one:

Catch Phase Puzzles

In the following 12 puzzles I have taken a familiar phrases and represented them visually. Each element of a clues will translate into letters or words which  spell out the answer phrase.*

*(or a homophone of the answer phrase, but tonight's puzzles do not include any homophones).

The number in parentheses following each clue tells you how many words are in the answer.

Answers include 6 titles and one line from a song.

As an additional aid to solving, I have listed the puzzles in alphabetical order of the answers.

1. d/t = 1ɹ    (4)
2-a. garnetS    (2)
2-b. spa sign    (2)
3-a. steven Aurd    (2)
3-b. cat or tart    (2)
3-c. bells of dew    (2)
3-d. tube rut    (3)
3-e. sTeal    (2)
4. dLɹan    (5)
5-a. Parɹadɹise    (3)
5-b. ɹɹɹɹɹɹɹɹɹɹɹɹɹɹ
And for a bonus here's a really hard one!
6. L=>t closet iiawaHcommercial the mad rest    (7)
A couple of helpful hints for # 6:

   (a) the word the in the clue translates to the in the answer
   (b) that's not really a closet in the clue; try mentally inserting a space and you may find solving easier

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