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Walk into any store, gas station or any type of convenience store; be over a certain age and you can buy poison. You have to take it and put it in your mouth and set fire to it. Over one thousand twelve hundred will die today because they did just what the product was designed for. One thousand kids under the age of 18 start buying this poison every day for the first time. This product cost our country over $96 billion a year in health care costs alone.

The product, of course is a simple cigarette. This tiny product kills 440,000 people a year. Any other drug that would come even close to that number would be pulled from the market and impossible to get. If you smoke, you will die at least 13 years before you should have.

Hope you don’t get emphysema. That is a lung condition in which air sacs fill up with air. Scar tissue is formed. In time, you cant exhale air. My uncle had it and he said it felt like he was going to drown. He had to stay outside once at a birthday party because he could not walk up 3 small steps to come in our house. He could hardly talk, it took too much energy. I was by his side when he died.

 I know pain when I see it: he was in agony. My father died of throat cancer, 4 packs a day will do that I guess. I won’t describe what he looked like when he died but he weighed less than 100lbs and he was 6feet 3inches tall. The power this drug has over people is amazing.

A vet friend used heroin for years and said smoking was much more difficult to quit. The poison makers are smart, they sneak it into movies or television. That is seen by the stupid and another person is hooked. This country needs to do even more by charging $20 or $30 dollars a pack for poison.

Drunk driving kills  thousands as well, and people who drive drunk should be in prison but many can have one drink and be fine. Usually, once you start smoking, your hooked. I have yet to talk about 2nd hand smoke . My aunt also died from a smoking who had been married to my uncle. The only thing is: she never smoked. She had lived with him for over forty years. The doctor traced her cancer directly to smoking.

Both of my parents died before they reached the age of 70. Both was because of smoking. I grew up in a house full of smoke so I smoked for 17 years. In 6 years I will be 70. Maybe my running 12 miles a day will buy me some time; who can say? This is one habit that anyone under the age of 60 should really think about quitting if they smoke. If you don’t care so much about yourself or think its to late, its not. Think about those around you.

Study after study has shown 2nd hand smoke kills over 30,000 a year. Lets start a new crusade: put the merchants of death out of business. People who grow this plant should find something else. I would hate to say I was a farmer of “death”. I would be un-employed then working at a place that make poison. 440,000 lives were somebodies Mom or wife or child. How many airplanes would have to crash before anger would erupt in this country?  I guess it comes down to choice. Think about a 61 year old man standing alone while we were at his birthday party. All because he could not walk up a few steps.


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Yesterday,anogther Veteran that I cared for,died a horrible death. We argue over a
drug policy, should we legalize certain drugs?

How ABOUT having the "guts" to elinimate one poison that kills more than any other

12:56 PM PT: look up "project scum". This was a marketing plan by big tobacco to sell

tobacco to "certain groups". I just want you to know what the poison makers

think of certain people.

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