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I work as an editor for reality TV - in fact I should be cutting right now instead of writing this - so I should know. (I have never edited "Undercover Boss")

This diary by Vyan draws the correct conclusion but using a reality show as the evidence isn't real evidence.

First let me say that I 100% agree with the idea that the 1% work harder is 100% ludicrous and insulting.

There are hard workers and lazy arses in both the 99% and the 1% - but the 1% isn't inherently better than anyone else and visa versa.

Anyways - back to my point - that using a "reality" show to prove your point isn't usually a good idea.

Everything you see on a "reality" show has been heightened for drama.

1. Nothing moments are edited into big moments for tension, comedy, etc. Little mistakes are turned into big mistakes. Big mistakes are turned into bigger mistakes. Moments when everything is fine and going well are edited out because they are boring and not good TV.

2. Everyone on the screen is usually "casted". No they're not actors. But - scouts do interviews and there's a "casting reel" and they follow people in the show that have the most interesting story, have the best on screen presence, and/or have the best sob story. Everything is done for dramatic effect. Remember - normal is not good TV.

3. Scenes in reality shows are usually (not always) pre-thought out. Producers tell people what they want the scene to be and the cast members usually try and give the producers what they want. Multiple takes of the same scene are usually done. Heck - in Duck Dynasty - there is a SCRIPT that the cast READS. (Haven't worked on that show either but I've spoken to people familiar with it)

4. When above scenes are not pre-thought out - an editor - me - takes the raw footage that is show and cuts it together in a way that heightens that drama - whatever that drama might be. Again - we don't make boring TV.

5. Interviews are done with leading questions from the producers. Heck producers even sometimes GIVE THEM A LINE TO SAY - WORD for WORD. And THEY SAY IT.

6. The entire format of the show is mapped out and the scenes are cut to fit the format. First the boss is a fish out of water and messes up then there's some sort of realization and then there's a heartwarming moment at the end. It's TV PEOPLE! It's ALL PLANNED BY THE PRODUCERS. Again - reality - real actual reality - is usually boring.

Remember - reality television is ENTERTAINMENT.

It's not a documentary. And remember documentaries are entertainment too and things are cut a certain way to get the director's point across.

*although I must say my favorite shows to work on are the more documentary style ones where lines and scenes are not prompted and given to people and we just follow a ton of people and pick the best stories - but those shows are unfortunately harder to come by.


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