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The State of Kansas is taking strides to enshrine discrimination against gay persons as a matter of public policy in that state because religion. The Moral Giants of the GOP also peddle this kind of junk policy in other states, too.  

Will these motherfuckers ever stop with this garbage, already? Just how far are they willing to push their agenda of hatred and exclusion? I've deposited a few thoughts on these questions out in the tall grass. Come on out and talk about it.  


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How long until the signs appear reading "No Gays" or "Straight People Only"? I still remember all too well the analogs of such messages from my travels in the Deep South in the 1950's and early 1960's. The legalized discrimination of Jim Crow in the South before the Civil Rights Era has reemerged in places like Kansas as La Cage Aux Crow.

Here's another idea that the GOP champions of voter ID will probably come up with pretty quickly: Require gay people to register. Hey, it's not like they're harmless, like guns, right? Anyway, how else can good Christians be sure they're not dealing with the gays unless they can look 'em up, right? They can put a registry on the internet and have an App for your smart phone. It won't be long until some GOP zealot county clerk in some high plains square flat Kansas county decides that the gay folks can go to the back door for service.  

When it comes to hatred and discrimination, history teaches that there will always be those who will behave just and badly as they are allowed to behave, ignoring generations of social progress. The GOP is full of these people. Where they have the power to do so, they act according to their nature.

This is the ugly side of democracy, but there are signs that what is happening in places like Kansas is a last gasp backlash as history moves on and this country abandons homophobia as a national trait for the social aberration that it is. The dead hand of religious bigotry is finally loosening its long held grip. Until that dead hand falls away completely, we'll just have to push back against the kind of bigotry that Kansas is trying to enact when we can, and look away from the ugly when we can't.

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