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Hi Kossacks! It's Chris Bowers, Senior Campaign Director here at Daily Kos.

I work with the brilliant Daily Kos Campaigns team of Rachel Colyer, Michael Langenmayr and Paul Hogarth to manage Daily Kos activism campaigns and our email list.

I am here this afternoon to answer any questions you have about our activism campaigns and / or our email program. To get things started, here is my broad overview of where I see us as a community right now.

With our blog (6.3 million unique readers and 16.4 million visits last month), email list (1.07 million active subscribers and over 3 million monthly clicks) and Facebook page (284,000 fans, usually many "talking about this" at any given moment) we have now scaled up to a point where the grassroots activism of the Daily Kos community can consistently make an impact in the national political scene. We aren't always winning, but we are making our presence is felt.

Consider just some of our recent major campaigns: Larry Summers, the Colorado recalls, repealing the Monsanto Protection Act, fighting against food stamp cuts, reforming the filibuster, taking back the Virginia State Senate, and stopping a new Iran sanctions bill from passing.

We were heavily involved in all six of those campaigns, notching four victories and receiving public credit for doing so. In the two where we lost, Colorado and food stamps, we functioned as by far the primary source of small-dollar donations ($371,178 from 15,669 donors in Colorado) and by far the biggest driver of constituents contacting their members of Congress (544,975 emails directly from constituents to their representatives in opposition to any food stamp cuts).

In short, we are starting to really come into our own, and as we continue to grow our future looks even brighter.

So please, I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and questions about how you think we are doing when it comes to activism and email here at Daily Kos. I'll be around to answer the rest of the afternoon to respond as best I can.


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