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I was so shocked by the Michael Dunn case,I had to educate myself on the "Stand your
Ground "law in Florida.

Wow,if your in a grocery store parking lot, I can pull up next to you and kill you. I may be in a bad mood,you happen to have your window rolled down, I might
hear you talking too loud. I can yell at you to talk more quietly,you look over to me
and tell me to fxxk off.

I forgot to mention it"s dark and your a young guy I know could beat the crap out of me. I just so happen to have my gun in the glove box. I am not going to back down
from that punk and I pull out my gun and murder you. I just have to feel  afraid.
I don't have to be at home,I can be anywhere to shoot you.

A normal person would get out of their car,go into the store,come back and go. I am
Bi-Polar,I get pissed,and you my friend,are DEAD.

This law has set the bar so low to justify what I just did is amazing. You were black
and HEY! you guys are always trouble!

I stand a great chance to win with my" I was scared shitless defense." I don't even have
to explain why I didn't park somewhere else,or why would I care what your doing,because I was only going to be in that store a moment? Nope,I can just say my
sorry ass was afraid. Why I can fire 10 shots that hit your car. I have to be careful
only to make sure your alone. I might get in trouble shooting so much. Why,I might
have killed your friends! I can kill you with no problem,but your friends might be another matter for the jury.

The law in Florida is a sneaky way to justify killing black people. I would have NEVER
shot you if you were white.Racists are free to kill. If I were a black parent,I would
leave Florida today. You and your family are not safe! Florida looks at you as a black
person who might forget your place in society. You best not  even be close to any white

Jordon Davis was a young man anyone would be proud to have as a son. He would have had a great life. How do I know this? I listened to his parents speak. The strength
and beauty of Mrs.Davis brings tears to my eyes. She showed such class that her son
HAD to be a great kid. To be raised by parents like that,made him a lucky young man.
His father spoke with such clarity and wisdom,it made me feel never to feel sorry
for myself dealing with two  disabled sons. I owe his parents for showing me what

I THOUGHT we had moved pass the race issue. In Florida,the leaders feel it is time
to go back to a time when blacks were no better than a dog.

Get ANGRY at Florida. Isolate this state, dont go anywhere and spend one dime in that
state. Do the same with anyother state that has this law. If you are black,check and see if the state is safe before you and your family go there.

The man siting in the car can murder you.


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Originally posted to Vet 65 on Tue Feb 18, 2014 at 10:16 AM PST.

Also republished by Firearms Law and Policy, Shut Down the NRA, Support the Dream Defenders, and Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).

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