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Every weak-minded journalist that repeats republican acid-trip talking points sound like they are on acid-trips, too.

The following is a potential "Meet The Press" broadcast:

Gregory: "Citing scientific studies, democrats claim Mars is largely made of iron deposits. Republicans, citing research from Aesop's Fables, claim it is made of green cheese. Well, the composition of Mars appears to be up in the air."

Rep. Marsha Blackburn: "Mars made of iron and minerals is just a scientific theory. I personally have spoken with tea-baggers at a gun range that refute the claim."

Gregory: "So, we have experts on both sides of the issue."

Only Democrat on the show: "Well..."

Gregory, while talking over the democrat: "Marsha, what do you think of that?"

Wrapping up the show Gregory might say. "We will continue this conversation next week with Rep. Louie Gohmert and Rep. Michelle Bachmann. Ms. Bachmann believes we should allow Kraft foods to mine the green orb with below minimum wage workers (it is out of U.S. territories). Gohmert has breaking news from a Kraft foods study that proves Martian cheese lowers bad cholesterol. If it is Sunday, It is Meet The Press."

This may look ridiculous, but change a few words and you have the debate on global warming or the pre-Iraq War debate. These yahoos parrot republican garbage about the Iraq war, minimum wage, unions, global warming, abortions, immigration, the stimulus, the bailout, Social Security, you name it, that is laced with pure bullshit.

Every word that comes out of the republicans is spun for big business. That means, every word repeated by the David Gregorys of the world (Scarborough, Todd, Cillizza, Stephanupolis, Tom Brokejaw, to name a few) is spinning for big business, too. When are journalists going to finally do their jobs? Tell the right-wing idiots to shut up, put on their dunce caps and go sit in the corner. The adults are going to have a serious conversation. Enough.

Journalists should be elected and have term limits.  

Bleep the press.


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