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Earthquake numbers are soaring in Oklahoma. The land is dotted with injection well sites to dispose of the polluted water from fracking.

Ever had a mean or impatient nurse give you a shot for pain and hurried the plunge?

 It hurts like hell when something foreign is forced into your body. I know this from experience after a car accident that left my '63 Volvo B-18 gear shift and pieces of the walnut shift knob shift deep into my gut that nearly ended me many years ago.

Get a kind, gentle nurse who takes her time and slowly injects the pain killing fluid.

Or if it isn't an accident at all but purposeful actions taking place; stop doing the thing that causes the pain in the first place. That is a choice.

We have that choice

(short ad – sorry) This video has stopped working, so after the short ad, by hovering over the video, select the pop-out option and a new window will open where the video will play.  
Transcript @ link:  http://video.msnbc.msn.com/...

In Texas oil and gas wells are spewing a toxic soup directly into the atmosphere

That toxic soup includes a wide variety of volatile organic compounds (VOC): benzene. toluene and many other compounds known to cause cancer and other serious illnesses.

From The Weather Channel | Inside Climate News | The Center for Public Integrity are some excellent video and information:
Fracking the Eagle Ford Shale;  Big Oil and Bad Air on the Texas Prairie
This Weather Channel link is loaded with valuable information.  It is excellent work and worth digging into - imo:  http://stories.weather.com/...

This is what is happening today chasing sources of energy buried in the ground, including thousands of feet down into the ocean's floor

 I thought this is really important work being done by The Weather Channel | Inside Climate News | The Center for Public Integrity and hope to help share this work and spread the word

Thank you for stopping by and spread the links if ya feel like it too :)


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