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We've heard the statement “Elections Have Consequences” from both political parties. The Democrats embraced this mantra in 2008 and 2012, while Republicans shouted it from mountain tops in 2010. I'm getting a 2010 feeling in my gut, and I don't like it. Let me describe why, below the symbol of continuation.


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Don't let this headline be recycled in 2014!

I'm seeing/reading an ever increasing number of stories about 2016 across the media spectrum. I request the MSM STOP predicting, debating, arguing, &/or expending any energy on who’s going to run in 2016. Instead, lets focus like a laser on the 2014 elections. If we don’t, we will be angry, moaning, and making excuses later this year. Why? Because there’s a good chance Democrats will lose seats in the House and potentially lose the Senate!

Many Senate seats in play this year flipped to Democrat during 2008. That was because candidate Barack Obama helped attract record numbers of Democratic voters in red states. We can’t count on this happening again, especially in an off Presidential year.

Put on your November 2014 future goggles. Imagine Reince (Butt-Holeo) Priebus drooling about the 2014 GOP victories as proof the voters have rejected Democratic policies. Picture Boehner, Gohmert, Cruz, Paul, Cantor, Ryan, Issa, (insert your RWNJ here) squawking about how the American people have firmly rejected President Obama’s imperialistic policies. It will be repeated over and over again for weeks, even months after the election. Sure we’ll argue that is wasn’t fair because we were up against gerrymandering, voter suppression, big corporate money, and insane rhetoric from the other side. But that won’t change any results.

A sticker for everyone!
I get sick to my stomach when I think of this scenario.

SO let’s (for now) ignore the distracting MSM with their “will she or won’t she” BS.
We should focus on keeping whacko RWNJ’s out of office in 2014. Let’s make sure the GOP aren’t given a phony BS “mandate” to implement their two-faced crazy draconian platform that will punish women, the poor, the sick, and our children.

We already have a steep hill to climb. State legislatures are introducing repressive voting rules meant to restrict minority turnout. Many red/purple states have already passed/implemented new voter ID rules and reduced early voting hours. Lines will be long in many cities with voter frustration high. These acts demonstrate the GOP has already been very, VERY busy working to secure 2014 for their side.

We will see many more long voter lines in 2014

I don’t want to hear Maddow (in a depressed voice) announce GOP gains in the House and they've also re-taken the Senate. That would seriously upset my stomach. Just typing that made me burp-throw-up a little (eww).

We all need to focus on 2014; it’s less than 9 months away.

And remember;

Elections have consequences, all elections.

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