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I am against drugs, yet I am for their legalization.

I am against prostitution, yet I am for its legalization.

I support FEMEN, yet feel that to shock for shocking's sake is self defeating.

I detest much of what current religions have to say, yet understand their comfort.

I detest current capitalist tendencies, yet understand the need for competition.

The concept of revolution is attractive, the blood not so much.

Its seem to be a fine balance between enthalpy and entropy in all we do.

It's all to easy to think in black and white, what is wrong and what is right. It's all to easy to look at effect without studying the cause. It's all to easy to fall into the trap of sound bites and bumper stickers.

Sometimes we are faced with the lesser of two evils the rational versus the emotional.

So we come the full circle where we rationalize our own contradictions. The way we do this is by studying the cause and effect.

Criminalizing drugs has caused slavery, death and violence to those not even in the slightest interested in their effects to supply a demand in another country whose government then imprisons its own citizens and causes suffering elsewhere. A vicious bloody circle that needs to end.

The mere thought of selling oneself is abhorrent to me. yet I am fortunate in not having to do so. Criminalizing it lead to abuse decease, slavery and death, treating the effect rather than the cause is always a failure in itself.

Using ones body to shock against the abuse of ones own body may be seen as claiming it back. I just think there may be another way to shock.

I detest the paternalistic religions for the oppression they have installed for centuries and horrors done in there name. I believe however the only way to change them is for own believers to awaken rather than to force change, even if that was possible.

I believe competition is healthy in all its forms just so long as the winner does not take all the spoils, there has to be an arbiter to regulate the prizes. Fairness is not the same as self worth, winning doesn't give you the right to mock.

The idea of revolution is attractive, the results it has given in the past not so much yet stability has also resulted in creeping corruption and to the lack of curiosity it what else is possible.

Do we save our energy, or let it disperse to the point of stagnation?

Just some thoughts before bedtime I would like to share

Cause and effect

Enthalpy and Entropy.

The rationalization of contradictions


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