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I've been writing about the coming famine for a while.

It will happen because of the
worldwide shortage
of diesel fuel.

More below the fold.


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The bare bones of the apocalypse:

Millions of Americans,
maybe ninety percent of Americans,
will die,
sometime around the year

I don't know,
of course,
how many will actually starve,
and how many will be killed
by other Americans,
fighting over food,
and land and water
and livestock,
and other means of producing food.

I dwell on America,
and Americans,
since I've never been outside the USA,
and I don't feel comfortable
saying what will happen
in other countries.

I plan to build a chicken coop,
about a year from now,
and raise a few chickens,
and a few ducks,
so our family can eat the eggs.

Sometime between now,
and the apocalypse,
folks will need to find ways
to feed their own livestock,

A family will need
a few acres of land,
I think,
to grow the crops
that make chicken feed,
and maybe a greenhouse,
to cultivate bugs
to feed the chickens and ducks
in the winter.

Plus a vegetable garden,
of course,
and lots of canning jars.

In the southern half
of America,
there are 7 million feral hogs,
so hunting feral hogs
may be an important source of food
for many of those who survive the famine.

I was born in 1955,
so I will likely be dead,
from cancer or something,
before the famine hits.

If I'm still alive,
I have a family
who will do what they can
to keep me well fed.

I've been cooking for them,
feeding them,
maybe they'll feed me,
when I need their help.

If you don't know
the cause of the famine:

America now feeds her people
using diesel fuel,
combines (harvesting machines)
and more trucks,
to produce and transport
nearly all our food,
from the farm fields
to the supermarket shelves.

There is a worldwide shortage
of diesel fuel.


It started in 2004.

Compressed natural gas
will work well,
but the distribution infrastructure
is not yet in place:
CNG filling stations map

Other means of powering
and trains,
such as
and nuclear,
will require us to build
fleets of different machines.

I predict
folks will starve
before any big changes are made.

Most folks think
will fix things,
will never let such a famine
destroy America.

The problem is,
there is no "they."

We are "they."

Look in the mirror.

There's a possible hero,
to save someone,
or at least try.

That's why I'm writing about this,
and will keep on writing
about this.

Build a chicken coop.

Thanks for reading.

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