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Love em, or hate em -- Wall Street high-rollers generally know a "bad bet" when they see one ... although most times, they are the last ones to catch onto what everyone else already knows ...

Chris Christie update:  Wall Street’s selling on Christie 2016

by Elias Isquith, salon.com --  Feb 24, 2014

A report from Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino in the New York Post says that Christie’s real base -- Wall Street Republicans and other conservative members of the 1 percent -- is finally starting to give up hope that the governor will be able to bounce back and reclaim his former spot as the top GOP contender for 2016. Gasparino says that in his conversations with top GOP fundraisers on Wall Street, he’s hearing that a consensus is starting to develop: Even if Christie himself is never directly implicated in the Bridgegate scandal, the bad press may be too much for the would-be candidate to overcome. Their new savior? Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

What does Jeb got that Chris doesn't -- besides being an all-round reasonable-sounding guy -- Jeb doesn't have that "air" of constant denials and excuses, following him wherever he goes.

Sorry Christie, perhaps you had better get to the bottom of your own "internal investigation" -- to uncover the "real story" -- sooner, as opposed to later, eh?


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So let's go to source, who is going to the "RNC establishment" movers and shakers, to get the latest scoop, on Chris Christie's dwindling street value:

Wall Street bearish on Chris Christie’s 2016 chances

by Charles Gasparino, nypost.com -- Feb 24, 2014

Wall Street is piling up the sell orders on Chris Christie futures -- popping a bubble the same traders helped create.

But the Wall Streeters I speak to (people with direct access to Christie and his inner circle) say the Christie presidential campaign is clearly on life support: They think he’s in the clear himself, but the stench from the scandal is starting to look impossible to overcome.

They cite the cool reception Christie has been getting recently from Republican establishment types outside of his home turf in the Northeast, and the fact that many fund-raisers are now looking to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as the party’s savior.

Christie is “meeting with the RNC establishment, and he’s still trying to decide, but they want him out,” one major Republican fund-raiser who runs an investment business [...]

Rise to power due to trading favors with the 1 percent -- and be prepared to fall from it too, as they withdraw their "support" to go someone with an actual chance of winning.

Couldn't have happened to a more arrogant social climber ... eh?

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