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Finally, the GOP has cobbled together a proposal to replace Obamacare that was delivered on a bar napkin John Boehner had in his pocket, and guess what? The GOP plan is MORE EXPENSIVE than the Obamacare plan, and it does less.

Vote GOP: costs more, does less.

What a bumper sticker that is.

You can read the CBO report from yesterday here

These guys shutdown the government and cost us $24 billion because they couldn't stand seeing the deficits increase and Obamacare had to be stopped, and then their own health care reform proposal ADDS to the deficit they hate while providing less coverage than Obamacare. That's just pathetic.

Immigration reform; same strategy, whatever Obama is doing, that's too much, and the GOP would totally love to do that but hmmmmm, sounds like a lotta money, we should do that, but not as much. A small vision for the world seen through small government ftw eyes. A constantly shrinking window where Republicans would be for immigration reform, sure, just not as much as Obama, and whatever he proposes they'll just be against that now too, until no is finally achieved. Same strategy on raising the minimum wage, we aren't ready, or gay people being treated like Americans, no, not yet, we aren't ready. A convenient delay tactic. Justice delayed is justice denied.

But on Obamacare the number one complaint the GOP has is that Obamacare is killing jobs derp. They tried unconstitutional, that fell flat on it's face, they tried death panel and the media went SQUIRREL but now they've settled on "They took er jerbs" and they are gonna go with that, and lo and behold the GOP plan costs more and does less.

So you want bumperstickers? There it is

"GOP: Costs more, does less"

hat tip to @KurtEichenwald who tipped me off to this with this tweet

Now tell me, going by recent CBO report selective outrage, if raising the minimum wage because 500,000 jobs will be temporarily displaced despite 16.M benefitting isn't worth doing, because, why is it cool to tell 1,000,000 people denied health care reform tough shit just so we can have something that is more expensive and does less?

This ruins the GOP argument on deficits, health care reform and frankly, their own credibility on every other issue. The GOP plan is to do less and make it cost more. Because Free Markets and Freedom and Derp and SQUIRREL and BENGHAZI and teh gay.

A pack of clowns. Outright owned by Billionaires who are pissing away their money on fools no wiser than they. The GOP has had one plan; defeat Obama. If they had to hurt Americans to hurt Obama so be it, in every state where Medicaid expansion is denied, with every person who is going hungry because deficits were more important than feeding our nations children, and then after all the deficit moaning and debt ceiling brinksmanship and resulting shutdowns this pack of insidious bigots presents a plan that costs MORE to the deficit? Your shutdown over the deficit cost us 24 BILLION and now your health care reform proposal would ADD to the deficit that you bemoan?

The GOP is not dead yet, but it is dying. The last year or so is proof positive of that. Because GOP officials no longer control a party that is a wholly owned subsidiary of any lobbyist who comes calling, you can't represent the people of your district or state when you serve multi-national special interests.

And this can't last, America is screwed if we can't do anything but wait for the next Biennial Wingnut civil war primary process until we do more nothing. The Conservative movement is dying, states that reject Medicare expansion would rather kill their constituents than let them benefit from Obamacare, and in the face of that Conservative mendacity they offer this shit sandwich of an Obamacare replacement proposal?

GOP: Costs more, does less

They should have stuck to David Koch's 101st Senator's idea and just kept their fool mouths shut.


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Side note: Saw this, had to write about it, made me so angry. Anybody who wants to print up those bumperstickers I called copyright will redistribute the funds hehehe

Posting paypal and twitter. Received some letters. I love you guys, always have, always will. Thank you for allowing me to rant, I've a post ready for tomorrow too.

Paypal link for Jesse LaGreca


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