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Chris Christie Word of the Day:  Hysteria.

Gov. Christie Hits Bridgegate ‘Hysteria’

by David Matthau, nj1015.com -- February 26, 2014

“We’re going through an internal investigation, all of this stuff will come out over an appropriate period of time,” the governor added, “and I’m not going to give in to the hysteria of questions that are given from folks that have information today that I didn’t have earlier.”

Chris Christie Word of the Day:  Don't ask.

Christie unwilling to give into Bridgegate 'hysteria'

by Matthew Arco, politickernj.com --  February 26, 2014

The governor’s response came after Scott inquired why Christie never asked former Port Authority executive and political ally, Bill Baroni, additional questions about the lane closures.

I didn’t ask the questions because I didn’t think they needed to be asked,” he said, explaining he took Baroni at his word about the closures.

Don't ask ... Don't Think.


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Chris Christie Word of the Day:  Don't speculate.

Chris Christie on Ask the Governor

by Townsquare News Staff, nj1015.com -- February 26, 2014

7:14: Discussing Bridget Kelly, the Governor said he ordered her firing, and says he had no face to face with her on that day. “On Dec. 12 and 13, she was questioned extensively by her superiors….At the end of the day if someone is not going to tell you the truth, they are not going to tell you truth.”

7:15: “I am no longer going to speculate on what I don’t know about,” responding to questions about whether Kelly ordered lane closures.

7:48: Disagrees with [Patrick] Foye on Bridgegate.

and some final Chris Christie Words of the Day:  

Don't agree ... Don't know.

Don't Answer Hysterical Questions.

Do wait an appropriate period of time, for that internal investigation, to answer all this stuff.

Chris Christie:  Over and Out.  That is all, hysterical people.

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