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Allman Brothers Biopic ‘Midnight Rider’ Suspends Production After Fatal Train Accident

Sarah Jones, the second camera assistant, was killed Thursday on the production’s first day of shooting near Jessup, Ga. The company was shooting a dream sequence on a railroad trestle, with a hospital bed on the tracks, when a train came across the bridge. Star William Hurt, director Randall Miller and the production’s still photographer tried to get the bed off the tracks but did not have time. Hurt and some of the crew escaped the bridge unhurt, but some crew were struck by flying debris. Jones was hit by a piece of debris from the bed and knocked into the path of the train, and was killed. Variety
This accident, which may have involved negligence, has raised a cry for more safety awareness on shoots, as well as strict labor regulations to protect crew members who are often required to put themselves at risk and work extended hours.

At the same time, there is a movement in Hollywood and around the globe calling for the inclusion of Sarah in the "In Memoriam" segment of tonight's Academy Awards ceremony.

According to reports, the Academy has chosen not to honor Sarah, which has created an uproar in the film community. Family and friends of Sarah launched a Facebook page "Slates for Sarah" in an effort to convince the Academy to honor Sarah.

Currently, over 60,000 people have followed the page, many film workers have posted 'slates' (the clapboard used when cameras start to roll). 60,622 have signed a petition  to include Sarah during the Oscars broadcast tonight.

Cast listed below the fold


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Directed by
Randall Miller

Writing Credits
Gregg Allman     ...     (autobiography)
Randall Miller     ...     (screenplay)
Jody Savin     ...     (screenplay)

William Hurt

Zoey Deutch    

Eliza Dushku    

Bradley Whitford    

Wyatt Russell

Kathy Baker    

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