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It’s hard to believe, but spring is only three weeks away. Time to crawl out of our burrows, blink at the sunlight, and congratulate each other on surviving. Come below the Cheeto, where it’s warm and welcoming…

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Unlike weatherdude’s personal troll, I cannot predict what sort of weather we’ll encounter by the time we meet, but it can’t be much worse than what we’re looking forward to today. So, let’s all be optimists for once (even me!). Stay well, eat lightly the night before so as to leave room for fries


(mmmmm – fries!),

and plan to wear your third-warmest coat instead of your warmest one. Perhaps we can go outside after brunch to gambol and frolic with garlands of flowers in our hair!

In keeping with the new focus of NEW DAY (now known as Connect! Unite! Act!), I will be talking about my personal election activism agenda  for this year: which campaigns I plan to volunteer for, what sort of work I hope to do for them, and which ones I expect to support financially, and why. Please join me in this, and come prepared to discuss your plans for moving our country left next Election Day – even a little bit!

Update: we will be having that Special Guest Star! It's Juliana Forlano, known on DailyKos as IronicNews. She's a political satirist and the host of the news parody series Absurdity Today. I hope you'll all welcome her - she knows how to do politics and have fun at the same time!
And as always…the nuts and bolts:

                                                    ALL ARE WELCOME!!!

Date: Sunday, March 16, 2014
Time: Noon - ???pm (latecomers welcome!)
Place: Spitzer's Corner
         101 Rivington Street (corner of Ludlow)
Meet us in the back room. This venue is wheelchair accessible.
Directions by subway: J,M,Z,F to Essex St./Delancey Street Station.

    If you're coming in from outside the city:

    From Grand Central: take the downtown 6 train (6 stops) to Bleecker Street Station, walk downstairs to Broadway-Lafayette station, change for the downtown F train (2 stops) to Delancey Street Station.

    From Penn Station: walk one block east to 34th St/Herald Square subway station, take F train (10 stops) to Delancey Street Station.

    From Port Authority Bus Terminal: take the downtown A,C, or E train to West 4th Street Station (4 stops), walk downstairs and take the downtown F train (3 stops) to Delancey Street.

    Any of these trips takes about 20-25 minutes.

   If you are driving, there's a very inexpensive municipal lot a block or two away, on Delancey Street. Street parking is free on Sundays.

                                                ALL ARE WELCOME!!!

                               THERE WILL BE FRIES. AND CHRISTIE. STILL!

belinda ridgewood
No Exit
Its the Supreme Court Stupid
Denise Oliver Velez

Laura Clawson
Ian Reifowitz

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