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Remember Paul Ryan, washer-of-clean dishes, serial liar and devotee of excruciatingly bad writer and charlatan Ayn Rand? Sure you do, the way you remember holes in the road and places that gave you food poisoning.

Well, the GOP's alleged 'numbers guy' is back with a new plan to gut Medicaid and Welfare.

Entitled The War On Poverty: 50 Years Later, the report from Ryan and his gaggle of innumerate parasites  is pretty much what you expect: cuts, cuts and more cuts.

Ryan is quoted as saying that the report is a prelude to the House GOP’s budget...no, really, don't laugh... and a: "preemptive rebuttal to the president’s budget...", because, of course it is.

Mmm-mmm...you can already taste that wing-nutty goodness, can't you? So, what's in store for the non-rich segment of the population?

Find out below the Boehner-orange cloud of GOP fail:


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According to Little Paulie Objectivist (the numbers guy, roundly mocked by Nobel-winning numbers-guy Paul Krugman for...well, not understanding numbers):

“It’s time for an adult conversation as well as time to try to pass good, conservative legislation that can make a real difference.”
Now, see...we already have a problem: it can either be good legislation, or it can be conservative legislation; it can't be both. But do go on:
Medicaid, which provides health coverage to low-income families, is the object of a sharply worded review. “Medicaid coverage has little effect on patients’ health,” the report says, adding that it imposes an “implicit tax on beneficiaries,” “crowds out private insurance” and “increases the likelihood of receiving welfare benefits.”
Brilliant! Health care has little effect on health! Have I got that right? No wonder Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) says: “Paul Ryan remains our big-ideas guy.."

Well, Tom, Paul...you just keep those 'big ideas' coming. We know how well they played last time around.

Maybe this time (with a bit of luck) we can finally be rid of your party of spiteful bigots, buffoons, Koch errand-boys and lunatics.

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