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The Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street is back at the Daily Kos.

We have also created a You Tube Channel featuring educational short features, entertaining music videos, and even a couple of longer ones that can be used for training larger groups of supporters at organizational meetings.

First let’s try to get some people over their knickers-twisting personal problem with the Robin Hood name itself.

They criticize the  Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street name as detracting from the good idea of the tax itself. They say the name gives opponents easy ammunition to distract people from the substance of the proposal.

The question is usually posed as follows:

Isn’t Robin Hood A Bad Metaphor For This Tax? He Was A Thief And A Criminal?

We respectfully disagree with any negative characterization of the Robin Hood Tax name. Rather than turning people off, it has energized a movement which clearly recognizes the metaphor's meaning.

Man has an insatiable longing for justice. In his soul he rebels against a social order which denies it to him. This is the heart of the Robin Hood metaphor throughout history. For hundreds of years he’s fought tax injustice, tyranny, and the seizure of the commons. We still need him today.

And most people understand the basic message of Robin Hood. See a short history of the Robin Hood myth at:


Robin Hood is a fictional character, a heroic outlaw in English folklore. There was no democracy in the times of the myth. The “government” was the rich aristocracy - as seems to be evolving now in the US. No one is talking about “stealing” but about economic justice for middle class working people and the working poor.

We think the Robin Hood metaphor can grab the attention of folks. A metaphor is a figure of speech that uses one thing to mean another and makes a comparison between the two. Robin Hood is a metaphor for: slightly less for the really rich and lots more for everyone else. The Robin Hood Tax helps protect the Middle Class from more taxes.


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Let me get this straight? A 0.5% - 0.005% tax on billions of dollars in currently untaxed financial transactions that create billions of dollars in unjust profits…would raise $350 billion annually towards the US economy? Quite a good idea!

Please LIKE and SHARE this post. Break Wall Street's control of our Government.

Economic Justice for every American! We need a Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street … and a movement that forces legislators to care about our communities…

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Get more info at the main Campaign web site: http://www.robinhoodtax.org
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Take Action: Write to your congressperson, sample letter available at: www.nationalnursesunited.org/page/speakout/tax-wall-street

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