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There is a scene in the iconic movie "Rocky IV" (yes, "Rocky IV" is iconic, after all, it was just referenced during the U.S.'s current showdown with Russia over that county's invasion of Crimea) in which "The Italian Stallion" finally (!) lands a counterpunch on Ivan Drago.

"He's cut! He's cut!" one of Rocky's trainers is heard screaming as Balboa begins to land a series of punches on the once-invulnerable Russian boxer.

"You got him hurt bad," trainer Duke Evers tells Rocky. "Now he's worried. You cut him. You hurt him." Reaching a fever pitch, Evers is now screaming, "You see ... you see ...  he's not a machine."

Ding, ding goes the bell and the fight resumes as part of one of film's best montage scenes ever fills the screen.

To apply the Rocky IV metaphor to Florida's gubernatorial race, Charlie Crist may have just cut Rick Scott.

Crist's political committee dramatically outraised Scott's in February with “Charlie Crist for Florida,” the political committee backing the one-time Republican governor raising more than $800,000, while “Let’s Get to Work,” the committee behind Gov. Rick Scott’s re-election bid" brought in approximately $180,000.

For Crist's committee, this represents its best haul-to-date the committee has had since its first month of operation. For LGTW, ther must have been a conscience decision to lay off of the accelerator.

It's also the first time Scott's committee has outraised Scott's.

Before this month, Scott's committee had raised nearly $23 million. Scott just last month started raising money for his campaign account.

Among the checks Crist's committee collected was a $300,000 contribution from Texas trial attorney Steve Mostyn, In addition to Mostyn’s check, Crist’s committee reeled in a $100,000 check from Levin, Papntonio, Thomas, Mitchell, Rafferty, & Proctor, as well as $50,000 donations from The Ferraro Law Firm, P.A., prominent Democratic donor Barbara Stiefel, and F9 investments.

This cash doesn’t include hard money given to Crist’s campaign account. Those reports aren’t due until next week.

Through last month, Crist’s committee had been drawing about a fifth of what “Let’s Get to Work,” the committee behind Gov. Rick Scott’s re-election bid, has been bringing in.


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Originally posted to SaintPetersBlog on Thu Mar 06, 2014 at 11:36 AM PST.

Also republished by North & Central Florida Kossacks.

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