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First of all, I want to thank every single person who contributed to my fund over the past month.

The Medford teachers' strike did get resolved almost two weeks ago, but of course any money I have started making again won't be coming in until the middle of April.  It's still tight.  I just started working last week in the schools.  

I think I have the dog expenses under control for the short-term anyway, unless his condition turns for the worse.  With this congestive heart failure, one has to be watchful he doesn't turn for the worse.  I have been getting his Pimobendin through a different veterinarian, and the supply is for almost two months instead of two weeks, and the cost is almost the same.  I have been going to a local pharmacy for the other two medications, and the cost at this point is minimal.  This is far less money than I was being gouged at the other veterinarian's.


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I try not to read too much about this disease of dogs because I get all upset thinking I may not have Sam for another year, but of course he could live much longer with this problem.  Right now he is doing great, thank God.  I try to restrict his exercise and keep him more calm than he used to be.

I want to try and get my K-8 licensure up here in the next few months (I have to take the dumb state tests because I don't have five years in one subject area to be equal to a fresh Oregon grad who has never taught) although my age works against me, but I will need to work in some capacity until I die, unfortunately, thanks to what happened to me in Nevada almost six years ago.  I hope things turn around, but right now it is still unbelievably tight.  I am certified to teach special education, but I need the other credential in order to do any kind of pullout with students.  It's really frustrating.

I still have car tires to replace eventually  and bills to pay.  It never ends.

While the dog is under control for now and I am just hanging on by a thread, I am still going to leave the links up for the fundraising, as much as I hate it, for I know I am going to hit a bottleneck this summer if I don't find any work to tide me over during that dry spell.  I'll just keep the sites up for the time being.

I have three links total:



And I did set up a third website a few days ago for non-PayPal:


Again, thank you everybody for your support in this matter.  I appreciate it more than I can say.

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