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#99 of My Stupid State

If you are in Orlando right now, you still have time to meet the tea party hero/cold-blooded murderer George Zimmerman at "The Arms Room" on 19048 East Colonial Drive, Orlando FL. (Proudly advertised on their FB page).

Z-man  has been signing pictures of himself with his dog, trying to cash in on his "celebrity" status.  I guess this is his attempt at trying to get his "old life back".


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Tea Party people were there to shake his hand and get autographs.  (There wasn't the line that the owner expected, however).  

I'm sure you're wondering how shooting an unarmed kid at close range makes you a "celebrity".  But he is so much more than a cold-blooded murderer.  This is the man who AFTER killing Trayvon Martin, knowing the world was watching him, was arrested for shoving his gun in the face of his father-in-law and wife in September, and then just two months later shoved a gun in the face of his new girlfriend for which he was charged with felony aggravated assault.  

I've never gotten the police to come out to my house once.  This guy manages to do it several times in one year.  And c'mon, violent assault against your own family AND killing a young, innocent minority?  (Not to mention a child molester.)  

How could he NOT be a hero to these people?

Mike Piwowarski organized the show.  He is furious that the original venue, the Majestic, backed out when they learned Zimmerman would be there to sign autographs because they thought it would be tasteless.  It almost looked like the wingnuts wouldn't get a venue to meet their hero, but then the Arms Room Store came through.  

Piwowarski was relieved but said he would still sue the Majestic for $300,000 in lost guns sales.  (And who put a gun to your head and made you feature Zimmmerman, Mike?  No seriously, who?  Was it Zimmerman?)

So if you want to meet the poster child for Stand Your Ground, domestic violence, and child killing, head over to the Arms Room by 5pm today! Maybe you can call them at 407-282-3803 , send them an email, or fill out their contact form and thank them for doing their part in keeping the reputation of my state the way it is.


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1:13 PM PT: I would say leave a review, but they aren't on Yelp or Yahoo, and they instantly take down any review on their FB that isn't 5 stars.  (They are slower to remove comments in the threads). Always amazes me the people who are most devoted to the 2nd amendment don't think much for the 1st.

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Originally posted to SemDem on Sun Mar 09, 2014 at 11:22 AM PDT.

Also republished by DKos Florida, North & Central Florida Kossacks, Shut Down the NRA, Black Kos community, and Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).

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