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There is too much on the table.  Too much.

I have been in and out here at Daily Kos.  Living my life, along with keep moving it forward.  And now we are arguing about what?  Bullshit?

Y'all, I am not happy with the Democratic Party now, not at all.  Do you guys realize that even though Barack Obama has been re-elected, he has been a LAME DUCK since the House rolled over in 2010.  Meaning, nothing has gotten done. (and I mean LEGISLATIVELY for the public)  Yes, we can whine and ask for cheese, blaming the GOP (and YASSSS, they deserve it) but in reality the public don't give 2 shits.  They are just FED UP.

They hate both parties, both.  While people are arguing about "GOD KNOWS WHAT", we need forcible action to get the fucking GOP out of power in Washington, D.C.  That is what the conversation should be.  Seriously, November is not REMOTELY in the bag and the public is mad as hell.

But who will they take it out on?


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People are angry, disappointed and mad.  They have every right to be.

Government, as a whole, has not worked out well.  The GOP is playing a very hard nosed strategic game, and they have decided to put the health of the public under their BOOT.  We are not going anywhere, any time soon because we are gasping for air, under GOP rule.  

The public is angry.

People better wake up to what happened last night.

Yes, it was just a special election, that don't mean anything.  But the problem is that if the Democrats don't get their shit together in the messaging department, the GOP will roll this November and hard.

I am tired of feeble talking Democrats, who are not willing to fight.  The first two years of Barack Obama's handling of the Republicans was atrocious.  That constant pandering to them lost HIM and US the House of Representatives.  It was the no action of this White House in not protecting and EXPLAINING the ACA, that led the Republicans to be brazen liars.  And guess what?  The public believed it.  The public was angered how it was handled and they showed it by NOT SHOWING UP.

Sorry, but I am tired of that.

With all the bullshit the Republican Party has done to this country, its citizens, they have a very viable chance to retain the House of Representatives and possibly take the Senate.  

The Republican Party don't care what they say, who they hurt or how they insult.  They are campaigning on doing absolutely NOTHING and waving a flag of Obama failures.  Their whole plan is to keep the negative ads on the regular, while offering a smoking gun of nothing, with the exception of repealing Obamacare.  The sad thing is the public either buys it or so disgusted they are turned off to both parties.  This equate to folks staying home.  WE SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT THIS.

I was in North Carolina, 2 weeks ago.  You would think that the ELECTION for the Senate seat was real soon.  The GOP ads are running 24/7 and there is NO PRESENCE to debunk, rebuke this bullshit.

And you wonder why people don't like politics.

Barack Obama and the Democrats loss of the House in 2010 was the worse thing that could have happened.  We opened up a can of worms.  We allowed these nutjobs into congress, run congress and even redistrict themselves into keeping the House into infamy.  We did that.

So, we can sit here and argue over, WHATEVER the hell y'all arguing about over here.  What?  kos, GBCWs, trolling, finger pointing, "you wrote this, so I am writing that"!!!  WHATEVER!!!

What needs to be argued about is how the FUCK are we going to get the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES back in NOVEMBER!!!

Damn, that "When Hillary Runs"!!!  We need governing and leadership NOW, not later.  And Hillary is not WRITTEN IN STONE, people.

Peace out.

P.S. > This tweet says it all, y'all.  As funny and SAD as this is, it is the truth.  They show up and VOTE.  Our side need some damn MOTIVATION, so we show up in DROVES.

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