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Welcome to 5 Minutes to Tee-Time™, Let’s face it, the game of golf is hard enough. It's a proven fact that the average golfer “gives away” anywhere from 3-5 strokes in the first few holes of the golf round, not because they are bad golfers…but because they are NOT prepared to swing the club. With 5 Minutes to Tee-Time™, we are excited to introduce a safe, effective, and most importantly, a timely approach to a golf warm-up.


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Bending 60 times, swinging 150 times and brisk walking rest of the time; do you still believe that golf is yet a game without injuries and rigor? A game which is probably meant for the oldies and not for young energetic people? Imagine a golf course and get an answer for yourself. Ask a professional golfer that what all it takes for developing a solid ‘core’. A swing that hits the goal is a beautiful blend of technique with strength. Nobody is born as a
Golfer, but yes everybody can inculcate this art by planning a golf conditioning program. The art of playing professional golf is learned and not natural. 

The reason why fitness professionals recommend a golf conditioning program is because of it significant impact on players flexibility, strength, posture and muscular balance. The plan should endorse education for injury-free life. A professional instructor will not mend you swing action and rather will focus on the exercises which will straightaway impact on your action. The first step of planning a program starts with appointing an instructor who manages your exercises and movements according to your growth in playing. There are four major phase while swinging; initiation
(striking the pose), backswing
(suspending the club in air), downswing
(bringing the club downward) and follow-through (Hitting the target). Your training instructor has to work on exercises related to these four sets. Your strengthening exercises will cover exercises for hips,
hamstrings, wrist curl, pulley (external and internal rotation), push-ups, and core stability. Developing a solid core is the focal approach for the entire series of plan. For developing a solid core a player need to develop some strong stomach, hips and lower half muscles. We cannot assume that everybody is weak with one particular movement. It might be a matter of inheritance but human beings differ with respect to strong and weak points. Considering two trainees as same is essentially flawed. Therefore, thinking that one plan will have similarly impact on two different trainees is the biggest mistake an instructor can commit. 

Working on a plan that ensures and enhances your technique as a golfer is very important. Get in touch with a trainer who can help you in achieving the target; who can promise a solid core, inculcate endless stamina and can ensure an injury-free experience.
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