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My apology for the delay. As you know, I spent last week preparing for a trip to Detroit and actually BEING in Detroit, and this week I had enough course prep to do (and a Top Comments diary to write) that it's now twelve days later and I'm writing. This isn't to hide anything either, because it was another wildly successful Daily Kos meetup!

We do well when we're entertaining people from out of town, and this was no exception. City Tavern in Culver City is just about the perfect place on the West Side to do something like this, especially on a nice day like the one we ordered up for shanikka. About twenty of us showed up to enjoy the extensive menu, the excellent food, and the good company and to just have fun.


Shanikka and moore musings enjoying the view and each other's company.


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food pr0n first, as always:


Roasted beet salad » shaved fennel, citrus, pistachios, arugula and caper vinaigrette


mac n’ cheese » cheddar béchamel


bacon jam burger » dry-aged angus beef patty, white cheddar, fried brussels sprouts

And the people:


Jakedog42, mike maloney, gmats (in back), our wonderfully attentive waitperson, susans, Gay CA Democrat, your diarist, Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno


In foreground: Jakedog42. In background, bruinkid, moore musings, shannika


bruinkid and moore musings


In foreground: Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno, the back of your diarist's head, Roman Smith. In background: mike maloney, susans, Gay CA Democrat.

Thank you for the photographs, SanFernandoValleyMom.

My "wedding seating" (just the tables as they were) for 20 became a table for 12 that seated more than 12 people and two two-tops, so it became a little complicated. Apologies to otoelbc and delphine, who we missed. pico traditionally isn't photographed so he wasn't this time either. No picture of SanFernandoValleyMom either, because I was a little preoccupied (I had sprained both my wrists in a fall on the way there, and the right one is still recovering).

We're still working on the next event, which will be either April 12 or April 19.

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