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There is an organization called AmericaStrong. I never heard of it before and I never would have, but ads kept popping up everywhere I went on the web. That is my fault, since I read a lot of political stuff. Still, perhaps I should disable cookies...

So, I got curious. Delving into the bowels of this verminous organization was not easy. But here is the little that I have learned.


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AmericaStrong is:

“The anti-AARP”...  

“The un-AARP, better benefits without the liberalism”...  

That's what they claim. Let's see, the AARP, liberal, like, maybe belonging to ALEC?  Or supporting W's massive giveaway to the drug companies?  Liberal like that? Like the AARP? Bite me.

When I looked, there was a huge picture of Reagan on the home page (his face, I think, not his ass, although I would have difficulty discerning between the two, but I can only assume that his ass was less wrinkled, at least at the time of the photograph).

A quick run-down on what I have found about AmericaStrong:

Board member: Newt Gingrich (erroneously referred to as “honorable”)
Sean Hannity is in the banner, “I am a member and you should be too”
For-profit!!!  No joke...
They have a dating service (Hey, women, how would you like to get one of these misogynistic, close-minded creeps for your very own!) They also have a wine club, because, well, do I really have to tell ya?
No minimum age (or IQ)...
Cost: your eternal soul (and your retirement benefits, and your healthcare, and your self-respect, and, um, I guess $49.95)....
Advocacy: usual cesspool...
Really, really difficult to search...  did not match any news results on Google...
17135 likes on facebook... Really?
Become a member for only $49.95! Or, you could flush it directly down the toilet, your choice.

From linkedin job IT Director job ad:

AmericaStrong is a membership organization serving Americans that want to live a long, healthy life in a country that represents their interests and values.  We are passionately committed to serving our members with a strong value proposition and a community focused on important issues facing our country.  We have significant planned and funded marketing activities and an exciting opportunity to grow an impactful organization.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, AmericaStrong is a well funded, start-up, pre-launch organization.  The business has a powerful Board of Directors and is led by a highly experienced management team.   The IT Manager will have a lot of responsibility to manage critical IT systems and external vendors.  The position is expected to be a strong voice within AmericaStrong and will help shape management decision-making.   This is a significant role with a lot of responsibility and has a lot of room for growth beyond IT Manager as the business develops.  

AmericaStrong is on twitter, tumblr and instagram...

AmericaStrong. LLC. Summerville GA

I guess that Callista needed some more jewelry, or a dalmation coat or something like that.

There is a similar organization that I found (similar in its sheer repulsiveness): "Association of Mature American Citizens", or AMAC. It is another like AmericaStrong pushed by Glenn Beck. I would suggest that someone starts the “Association of Dead American Citizens” and I would hope that Mr. Beck would join at his earliest convenience. Also, Mr. Gingrich.

Note: It is confusing that #bostonstrong and #americastrong were both used in the aftermath of the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon on Patriot's Day. Also, ABC News uses that tag for “inspirational” filler stories, like babies stuck in wells or reporters with their heads stuck up their asses. You know, stories like that...

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