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I introduced you to my oldest son when I wrote a diary called,"My son may kill you."
He has schizophrenia,and other mental issues. A King County Prosecutor in Seattle
asked for $100,000 bail in 2012 for throwing his microwave oven through a 10th floor
window and for other crimes. With in a week,I was called by the same prosecutor asking
me for help in getting my son released and into a hospital."You have him,I said,just take
him." I was advised my son wanted to stay in jail with the hope of being released sooner.
I learned about INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT laws in Washington State after learning
even a prosecutor needed a Judge to order him to go to the hospital.

My son WAS sent to a Mental hospital twice in 2012. He was assigned to Seattle Mental
Court after leaving the hospital.He was given rules to follow and stay out of jail.I
laughed  and  told any official I could find,that my ill son would follow no rules.
Finally,in October 2013, he was sent to jail for six months for ignoring all the rules
he was told to follow.
He was sent to jail in another county. King county wanted nothing to do with him.
I visited him once a week and quickly learned something,New drugs were given to him
and slowly I met my son again. He was placed in a Mental part of the jail and was watched while he took his medications. The anger,threats of killing people,vanished.
He didn"t like not having freedom.but admitted sleeping all the time.and 3 meals were

I even talked about sports and every day things with him.I saw Tom three days ago,
he was very excited in just a few days,he would be free.He is not in trouble any more
and does not have to report to anyone.

I asked him if he wanted to live with me. I reminded him that it would be awhile before
he would get his Social Security back and food stamps.A short visit was fine,but he want"s to head back to being homeless.No matter that he has no place to keep his meds,
no matter that he doesn't even have a blanket. I kidded him and said "you always give
away every sleeping bag or jacket I buy you."

I understand that he is 33 years old.I also understand every cop and drug dealer know my sons name.Jail is not the place I ever wanted for my ill son. It is however,all that is
available to an adult who has Schizophrenia and takes drugs.Washington state will not force him into ANY group home unless he asks for it.

I know he will look to me for money. I know he will use most of the money for drugs.
I have been dealing with my son and his illness for 20 years. I will not enable him anymore.
I will get him SOMETHING to sleep under and feed him.

No father should ever give up on his son. I will not enable him however. I am resigned
to the fact that in Washington State,you have to hurt or kill someone before any long term home could be found. In this state,it"s jail where they deal with folks who are
mentally ill and refuse treatment.

I have been told Seattle is full of people like my son,who wander the streets looking
for something to calm their demons.

It can"t end well for my son. I hope and pray that he wont hurt someone. I will go back
to the church  and wait at my sons funeral. I will be waiting to have him walk  into
the church and climb into his casket.

Washington State needs to change the rules regarding Involuntary Commitment for a
loved one. I have no power to keep him safe and to keep others safe.I am numb. I love
my son,but he needs to live in a structured place. He needs rules. He is still 10 years old.

I will always have the last six months  with my "real son". You would like him. Soon he
will walk away from the car in the rain and turn his head and smile at me.I will drive away with tears in my eyes.


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