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Pretty much any traditional media outlet has been starting every discussion about the upcoming election as a done deal:  the House will remain in Rethuglican's greedy, dangerous, corporate-owned claws and the Senate may be lost to these miscreants as well, because that's just what happens in an election year after the opposition party has won the White House.


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Bull shit.

Plain and simple.  And, yes, this is a rant.

I only believe the trad-med claptrap as long as my fellow Democrats simply accept it as a fact and don't show up in November to vote the bull shit into the dumpster.  In fact, I believe the reason this claptrap is being spewed on a daily basis is in order to convince the general public that the election is already over and done and Rethuglicans will be trampling our rights in lockstep and destroying the economy on a daily basis until 2016, with their debt ceiling crap and budget cliffs to jump off, as well as the daily votes to deny us affordable healthcare, deny women the right to choose, deny the LGBT community civil rights, fight for the 1% to get even more tax cuts in the form of tax "incentives" and deny a living wage to full time workers, with only Barack Obama's veto power to stop them.  That is their obvious agenda and yet they expect to WIN BIG IN NOVEMBER on that platform.


Come on.  The American people are simply not the stoopid.  Rethuglicans are certain that all of us ARE that stoopid, but I say let's fuck them up.  Let's start talking to our family, friends and neighbors about the upcoming general election and ask them if they really want the party that thinks $10.10 an hour is too much to earn if you're working for a multi-billion dollar corporation like McDonalds or Walmart and people should work overtime hours OFF THE BOOKS, aka for FREE so these same corporations can make even more profit.  Ask them if they think that people shouldn't retire and collect the Social Security they've been making deposits to for around 50 years until they're 70, or Medical should be cut or pensions should be lost to hostile takeovers, so the rich can get richer and the poor can go to hell.  I mean come on, cutting food stamps and lunch programs for CHILDREN???


It's clear as the difference between night and day.  Democrats keep asking the Rethuglican MAJORITY in the House to vote on a minimum wage increase, immigration reform, SNAP and unemployment insurance extensions and an end to trying to kill Obamacare and all they get is a raised middle finger and a litany of LIES which are easily exposed and RETHUGLICANS will WIN BIG IN NOVEMBER?????

NO, say I.  Fuck no!!!  They deserve to have their lying asses handed to them come November.  Democrats have raised an historic amount of funds to DEFEAT THEIR SORRY ASSES COME NOVEMBER and all we have to do is talk to our family, friends and neighbors to GO AND VOTE these fuckers out of office so we can get something done for millions of Americans, like bridges, roads, ports and railroads repaired after decades of neglect.  Basics that affect all of us, even the 1 fucking percent.


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