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My "list of ten things that ought to be invented" is not so inventive, apparently.



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Some weeks back I asked the universe, why haven't these things been invented yet? And I got some answers from the universe:

1.  A robot arm gas pump. A robot builds it. A robot washes it. Seriously, why do I still have to get out of the car?

     Check out "Popular Science" online.  Yes, they're testing robot gas pumps now.

2.  Pre-made grilled cheese sandwiches. They wouldn’t even need real cheese.

     These exist apparently. Blech.

3.  Running shoes that massage your arches while you run. And maybe a knee brace with a heater in it.

     The answer to this apparently, is a treadmill.  Or a new recliner.

4.  A lamp like sunshine. Way overdue. Current imitators inadequate

     I've been looking at the wrong models, I am told.  I stand corrected.

5.  A wallet or purse with a screen. Actually you have to wonder why they don’t just put a screen on everything.  Okay, a pumpkin with a screen on it.

    Totally clueless here.  Google Wallet is a virtual wallet.  Samsung's is a REAL wallet   with, yes, a screen.

6.   On that topic, Google contact lenses. Solves the whole “creeping people out” problem with the glasses.

      Being tested in Asia, I am told.

7.   Fridges that cook. Like, duh?

      Still waiting for this one.

8.   An App that says “you’re going to regret this” in time to stop you from putting your hand around a wine glass. Where was this when I needed it Saturday at Moira’s?

      This app is called "your spouse" and deserves more attention.

9.   Asphalt that’s more resilient than a wedding dress.

      Impossible in Canada, apparently.  Get over it.

10. A radio station that knows Fleetwood Mac recorded something other than “Rhiannon.”   Even a song about a different girl would be okay

       How did I forget the Clinton Anthem, "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow?"
       Dunno.  I saw that on the convention broadcast in 1992, even, but still forgot.  

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