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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gives a news conference in Trenton January 9, 2014. Christie on Thursday fired a top aide at the center of a brewing scandal that public officials orchestrated a massive traffic snarl on the busy George Washington Bridge
This is so absurd I just don't know where to begin:
An internal investigation into the George Washington Bridge lane closures conducted by lawyers hired by the Christie administration is expected to absolve additional members of Gov. Chris Christie's senior staff from being involved in the matter.

The review narrows responsibility for planning the disruptive lane closures to those who have already been named: Bridget Kelly, Mr. Christie's former deputy chief of staff, and former Port Authority of New York and New Jersey official David Wildstein, according to a person familiar with the findings.

No other Christie administration members were involved in planning the closures or seeking to cover them up after, the person said. The report is also expected to find that Mr. Christie didn't have any involvement in the lane closures.

This report carries all the credibility of a Kremlin report saying that Vladimir Putin was merely responding to Crimea's fervent desire to be "rescued" by Russia. When it is formally released this afternoon, the only question worth asking is why Christie decided to spend more than $1 million of New Jersey taxpayer money on a whitewash report from a law firm that has already received millions from Christie and his administration.

Actually, we already know the answer to that:

GOP strategists said Monday that the report—if it largely absolves Mr. Christie—could provide a way for the Republican governor to pivot back to normalcy and burnish his credentials for an expected 2016 presidential run.
Oh, come on. "If"? We already knew what this report would conclude even before Christie signed the contract giving his law firm buddies $650 an hour to whitewash his administration. Nobody with half a brain is going to take this report seriously.

The only question I have is whether Christie is stupid enough to actually believe this report will help his political career, or if he understands that the only thing it will accomplish is funneling a truckload of cash into the well-lined pockets of yet another "friend" of his administration.

8:43 AM PT: And now Christie's legal review team is holding a press conference on their findings and surprise, surprise, the first thing they say is that Gov. Christie had no advanced knowledge of or role in the lane closures. Shocking! Clean bill of health for the boss.


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