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I wish this was snark, but it's not.  The president of Hobby Lobby, the same company trying to claim that for-profit corporations have the right to freedom of religion, plans to build a Bible museum in Washington, DC.  If one thinks that this is a neutral museum that seeks to examine the role that the Bible has played in human civilization, one would be mistaken.  Here's one "highlight" from the already-existing traveling version:

These are of unassailable value, though their presentation may be chintzy – in its traveling incarnation, the Green Collection houses the note from Martin Luther in a “theater” featuring “a debate between Fathers Erasmus and Luther and Dr. Johann Eck … which culminates in Luther nailing his 95 Theses to his church door.” Not the kind of thing you find at the Met.

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It so happens that the museum's chief operating officer, Cary Summers, is also a consultant for the Creation Museum where you can see dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden.  When it comes to evolution at this museum, here is what Summers had to say:

Green’s museum, by contrast, will reiterate the tale of earth’s first seven days without mentioning evolution. “How people interpret it is up to them—we’re not going there,” said Summers. “If others want to create a museum that takes the other approach, that’s up to them.” Of course, others have, at the National Museum of Natural History a few blocks away.
That reminds me of a graphic I saw yesterday on Facebook that puts in excellent perspective the difference between arguing for the scientifically proven fact of evolution versus those arguing for the unproven fact of creationism (and I note that many believers accept evolution as fact, this diarist being one of them).
Evolution does all those things; creationism does not.

Finally, it wouldn't be crazy right-wing without some racism to throw in there as well, which as accordingly done when describing the Bible's role in other human civilizations:

Summers said the museum won’t mention homosexuality, abortion, or any other “political commentary.” (He also declined to comment on the Supreme Court case.) But he hinted that the museum will weigh in more freely on controversies past. He mentioned anthropological exhibitions on the spread of the bible: How it “enters into countries and very uncivilized tribes and cultural settings that are very cruel. The bible entered into it and their lives were changed. … We’re presenting the impact through the facts.”
Because, after all, you need the white Christian man to come in and civilize the savage, don't you?

Yes, it's their right to build this museum, and I would defend that right to my very last breath, but it's my right to call it out and all that it stands for.  That is not only my duty as an American, but also my duty as a believer; one who does not believe that science and belief are incompatible and one who believes that G-d gave us the faculties to expand our knowledge and seek out answers and that we should accordingly do so.  To keep such a narrow view of the world is to reject the gift that I believe G-d has given us.

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Originally posted to Mets102 on Sat Mar 29, 2014 at 03:15 PM PDT.

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