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In March of this year, Laura Ingraham got a speeding ticket that caused her to be late to her radio show. She was pissed off that she got caught speeding so when she got on her radio show, she started to spew irrational, illogical non-sense claiming that if she had told police she was an "illegal alien" she would not have been ticketed.

The audio of Ingraham's bigoted rant is on Breitbarf's blog (here) and starts at timestamp 0:50

LAURA INGRAHAM: They need to devote the time and the man hours to stopping real violent crimes and focus on the real violent crime. And people ... we're going to get the real violent crimes they need to be focusing on. They're targeting tax-paying, law-abiding Americans and meanwhile it's like 'ya well oh you're only -- you're only a 1 DWI, come into the country' -- 'yeah, ya want instate tuition ya you're a Dreamer come on.' Meanwhile we have to ugh ugh is there a speed camera here - is there a trap here? I should have just said I was an illegal alien. I would have gotten off right there. I just should have said, ‘Amnesty. I want amnesty please, OK? I’m an illegal alien. I just walked across the border last week ... 'oh sure go ahead' ...
ummmm ... someone should really tell Laura Ingraham that when she is speeding, she is no longer a law-abiding American ... rather ... she is a law breaker.

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Recently Laura Ingraham asked if disagreeing with President Obama makes her a racist. I'll answer that. No, disagreeing with Obama is not what makes Laura Ingraham a racist.  Laura Ingraham's racism and bigotry was developed long before President Obama became President.

For instance, she's hated gays for decades and even disowned her gay brother. When she was in college she wrote for an off-campus conservative publication called the Dartmouth Review where Ingraham describes  gays as "cheerleaders for latent campus sodomites" and she described one of her black professor's hair-due as looking like a "used brillo pad."

I have no idea what makes people racists & bigots ... but this I do know, Laura Ingraham spews hate against many, many groups of people ... she is a racist & a bigot and has been for decades before President Obama was on the political scene.

One thing I find ironic and somewhat humorous about Ingraham is her loathing of amnesty & simultaneous love of Ronald Reagan.  Someone really should tell Ingraham that Reagan granted amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants.

Ingraham figured out from the rightwinged Dartmouth Review that "hate sells" and since Ingraham has nothing of value to offer anyone who has more than two functioning brain cells - Ingraham sells her hate and her bigotry to the low IQ crowd that follow her.  

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Originally posted to keepemhonest on Mon Apr 14, 2014 at 08:06 AM PDT.

Also republished by LatinoKos.

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