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I must admit, neither sound appealing, but across America over 1200 moms are hoping to do both. No, they did not go crazy; they have a message for Boehner, “Bring immigration reform to a vote now!” It wouldn’t even be too much work for him since the senate already passed a bill with bipartisan support last summer. Why, he can still make happy hour at the 19th hole.

This is an issue important to human rights groups and all caring Americans, but even businesses from high-tech to agricultural are asking for some commonsense reform and they know that Boehner holds the keys.

The Obama administration has made immigration reform a priority as well. And Republican Senator John McCain has said that his party will never win another general election unless it shakes the anti-immigrant sentiment that some attach to it.

So why is legislation hitched in the House? Speaker Boehner for the Nth time finds himself caught in the middle between pro-business forces in his party and representatives from districts that punish their elected officials for opening the door to foreigners of any kind.

Business Journal 4/2/14

While businesses worry for stability, this really is a human rights issue. Undocumented workers serve many needs in America and what do they get in return? They get to live under the shadow of possible deportation. Families that work, go to school and strive to be part of the American Dream yet don’t receive benefits that those that profit from their labor do.  Not only are they denied benefits but also the protections we take for granted.

The next house on the tour was more ominous. It was literally dark as we waited for the mother to retrieve a light bulb from a back room so we could have light in the front room. As we listened to her story the darkness of domestic violence lingered. This is a subject that I am not willing to delve into here, but was well discussed in catilinus's and remembrance’s diaries. This visit was a smack in the face from the beginning as we were told of the $1400 a month rent, a pregnant mother who works in the strawberry fields bent over most of the day, while inhaling the fumes of the pesticides used on the fields. Invisible as she is used and abused by her employer, landlord, and husband with no recourse as an undocumented worker, I cannot begin to imagine how she can payoff the trip across the border. What used to cost $900 per person before NAFTA now cost $15,000. Can you?

The last “house” on the tour is actually a shed converted into a house. The view of the fields that it sits amongst is beautiful until you consider the pesticides sprayed in the fields have made the water undrinkable. As you wash your fruit before you feed it to your child, imagine living in a house where these fumes waft through your house daily. You too can live here for only $900 a month. Yet, there was hope at this house as we learned of the daughter who made it to college, the professional pictures hanging on the wall with pride of their beautiful daughter from her Quinceañera, and the younger daughter with her new braces that she got with the help of Dr. Ann. The family is hoping to move to a house soon. Again, like at the river earlier in the day, we were offered a puppy.

from the “Farmworkers Reality Tour” series

If these crazy… passionate and brave moms are willing to fast and plead their case to Boehner what can we do to help? You can start by signing this petition and then go to the links below to share on Twitter and Facebook.

MomsRising's Immigration blogs



One last thing, kossack Elisa (also of MomsRising.org) will be covering this story through its conclusion when 100 moms will fast in Washington, DC for 48 hours. Please help her and the fasters by looking for her diaries, then rec and tip.

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Happy Friday..!!

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