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yellow crocuses

Finally, there has been enough warm-ish weather and rain in northern New Jersey to melt the enormous piles of snow and ice in the yard. And so, a month or so later than normal, here at last are the buds of snowdrops, crocuses, and early daffodils. I see in the pollen news in the evening weather report that maples and other trees are blooming in the general area of New York City, and I've seen them at it well south of here, but so far, not where I am. I'll start to sneeze soon, because tree pollen has my number. But I will enjoy spring anyway. This has been quite a cold and dark winter, and I find summer to be miserably hot, so I don't mind lingering in spring as long as possible, even if I sneeze my face off. More photos below the orange crocus.


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Snowdrops are always up first, but these were, aptly, buried under snow while they were sprouting.

snowdrop buds


Daffodils and hyacinths are starting to poke up.
daffodils and hyacinths come up

These daffodils are in the warmest possible spot, right against the south side of the house with sun all day, so they are always ahead of the others.
daffodils ready to bloom

These daffs are much more shaded, on the east side of the house. That tree near them is a chestnut tree. My grandpa had no patience at all for the idea that there should not be chestnut trees, so he went around planting chestnuts like a Sicilian Johnny Appleseed. Some of the trees would periodically die of blight, but he'd just plant more. This one must be 40-50 years old -- I know he planted the sprouting nut when I was a little girl. It's doing fine so far, fingers crossed.
daffodils sprout at base of chestnut tree

And then there are crocuses ready to bloom. The ones at the top of the diary are out near the road, in the sun, but the ones nearer the house on the north side are not open yet. Even just the buds are cheerful.
purple crocus buds with snowdrop

yellow crocus buds

purple crocus buds

That's all we have blooming here so far. Looking back at pictures, last year it was a month earlier that we were at this point, and the year before, two months earlier. So the "last frost date" is anybody's guess. I'll keep you posted! How about where you are? I know some of you are in warmer places with plenty of flowers already, and other still have snow piles!

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