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Major Internet security bug found:

I have been following this website for some time and these folks have not been given to exaggeration.  They say:  

Lest readers think "catastrophic" is too exaggerated a description for the critical defect affecting an estimated two-thirds of the Internet's Web servers, consider this: at the moment this article was being prepared, the so-called Heartbleed bug was exposing end-user passwords, the contents of confidential e-mails, and other sensitive data belonging to Yahoo Mail and almost certainly countless other services. The two-year-old bug is the result of a mundane coding error in OpenSSL
The publicity insures that the world's internet criminals are now all duly notified and busy taking advantage:
In the hours immediately following the public disclosure of the so-called Heartbleed vulnerability, several readers reported their Ars accounts were hijacked by people who exploited the bug and obtained other readers' account passwords.

This problem affects any unpatched (i.e. most) websites using the https security protocol. After you log in your login credentials are subject to theft if they happen to end up in an unlucky part of the web server's memory. Not clear if this affects secured non-browser specialty interfaces.  What to do about it?  For now, avoid logging in to any website that could cause you financial harm were your credentials to fall into the wrong hands. If you use the same login credentials elsewhere avoid those logins too.   Be aware that your browser may log you in automatically when you visit a site.  When will it be safe?  I expect this matter will hit the front pages soon enough and the pressure will be on to get this fixed.  Until then, wait.

For the long term, one easy measure everyone should take is to use a password manager.  What the password manager does is to generate a unique, random, long password for each internet site you use. So if any one password is compromised the rest are safe. The passwords are stored in encrypted form on your computer.  All you have to remember is your one password to log in to the password manager, then you copy and paste from there to internet logins.  I use KeePass which is free:
More information:


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