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The Backyard Science group regularly features the Daily Bucket .  Anyone can note any observations you have made of the world around you.  Insects, weather, meteorites, climate, birds, flowers and anything natural or unusual are worthy additions to the Bucket and its comments.  Please let us know what is going on around you in a comment.  Include, as close as is comfortable for you, where you are located. Each note is a record that we can refer to in the future as we try to understand the patterns that are quietly unwinding around us.
I write this Bucket in a hurry, hoping to finish before "they" realize I'm onto "them."  The only remaining question is whether "they" are space aliens, or Satan himself. Continue reading below the orange tangle, if you dare.

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It all started when I unrolled my 30-year-old, folded-up Mexican rug.  I'd stored it on top of a book case for months, ten feet away frrom the desk where I work.

  I gasped!  Something had been eating it, mainly on the darker portions of the border designs.

I'd never seen any moths or crawly things around. Since the darker areas were chewed up, I immediately suspected the prince of "dark," or Satan.

I know many Bucketeers are quite fond of moths, and I am too, when they are outside.  I don't know how a moth could get into a folded-up rug.  Mice occurred to me. Again, I've never seen one in the house. So again, Satan.

My heart pounded with fear.  I went outside to calm myself.  I noticed the grass was long and decided to mow it.  First, I walked  the yard to roust out any tiny frogs that may be lurking in the  long grass.  Instead I found these!!

These shells are dime-sized.  But how did they get in my front yard?  I'm a hour's drive from the ocean, and a mile or two away from any creek or lake.  There's only one explanation. An alien spaceship must have left them behind.

I guess it would be possible that a bird dropped them.  It was next to the birdbath.  Why a bird would carry these shells to my yard before feasting on them, I don't know.

Now it's your turn for a short note about your corner of the hopefully Satan and  Alien Invader-free world.

"Green Diary Rescue" is Back!

After a hiatus of over 1 1/2 years, Meteor Blades has revived his excellent series.  As MB explained, this weekly diary is a "round-up with excerpts and links... of the hard work so many Kossacks put into bringing matters of environmental concern to the community... I'll be starting out with some commentary of my own on an issue related to the environment, a word I take in its broadest meaning."

"Green Diary Rescue" will be posted every Saturday at 1:00 pm Pacific Time on the Daily Kos front page.  Be sure to recommend and comment in the diary.

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