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Updated Meeting Direction for Saturday: Please use the Smithonian Metro Station and walk over the tipi camp and stage.

I couldn't resist this title just to a remind you that the Cowboy Indian Alliance, a group of farmers, ranchers and tribal leaders, organize a march on the White House called the "Reject and Protect" movemennt to remind President Obama that he can stop the Keystone XL pipeline.  

This is how I started this diary a couple of days ago. Today I wanted to finish it, but an email from 350.org changed my plans. Before I tell you anything about President Carter being in Cahoots with Cowboys and Indian, I have to update you about the march itself - which leads to changes for the Kossack's Welcome Meet-Up for Peregrine Kate as well.  Please read and spread the word.  


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In case you don't know, the American Indian Alliance has organized an event on the Washington Mall called "Reject and Protect - Stop Keystone XL".

As said in my first diary:

The Reject and Protect - Stop Keystone XL movement is organized by the "Cowboy and Indian Alliance", also known as C.I.A. They are supported by a vast alliance of other organizations like 350.org and over 20 other organizations

This rally is important and we want to be part of it. Now more than ever! Because President Obama is not in Washington on April 26, and the originally planned route of the march to the White House to has changed.

From the Reject and Protect's “Call to Action” and "Camp Schedule:

Farmers, ranchers and tribes along with grassroots and environmental groups are planning a week’s worth of actions against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, in Washington, DC and in local communities from April 22-27, 2014.

The Cowboy and Indian Alliance and our allies invite folks from across the country to visit the tipi camp on the National Mall and participate in the actions. We need all hands on deck to bear witness all week. Join us in showing the strength of our communities. We call upon President Obama to take this historic step in rejecting Keystone XL in order to protect our land, water and climate.

If you can only make one event during the week, the most important day is Saturday the 26th, when thousands will be gathering at the Camp for a tipi presentation ceremony and procession — click here to RSVP.

Everyone is needed and everyone is welcome!.

Updates for the NoKXL March on Saturday, April 26th and Tipi Gifting Ceremony:

  • Starting at 9:30 AM, a tipi liner will be laid out at the camp for everyone to add their thumbprints, with music starting at 10 AM.  Our message to the President is that he should leave his mark on history, and so we are leaving our own marks on the tipi, which we hope will become a part of the historical record.
  • At 11 AM, we will gather at the camp's stage to begin the event. We will have speakers from the Cowboy Indian Alliance, First Nations in Alberta Canada, and other folks on the front lines of this project, as well as speakers who will explain the symbolism of the tipi and our gift.
  • At around 12 Noon, we will offer a final prayer, and then begin our march together to deliver the tipi.
  • Because the White House does not accept gifts and President Obama will be in China on the 26th, and because the tipi is a spiritual object of historical importance, we will be gifting it in his name it to the Museum of the American Indian. We'll walk together to the museum, and the tipi will be accepted by curators and kept for the historical record.
  • President Obama may not be personally getting the tipi that day, but he will be getting the message: We've already confirmed a number of key reporters and TV crews, and we'll be mobilizing the entire networked movement on that day via email and social media so that your voice is amplified loud enough to be heard even in the White House.
  • We will walk behind 5 riders on horseback, who will be followed by tipi carriers representing all the diverse voices in this movement. By 1:45, we'll be back at the encampment, where we will close with a performance by Frank Waln, a hip hop artist from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

We will march with the American Indian Alliance to the National Museum of the American Indian

Update - Welcome Meet-Up for Peregrine Kate at the Mitsitam Cafe inside the National Museum of the American Indian

When and Where and How to Meet

Location: Washington Mall where the TIPIs are and the stage of the Cowboy Indian Alliance is located across from the National Castle, 100 yards from the Smithsonian Metro Station. I will plant the Daily Kos CUA Banner near the stage. Look for the banner and meet us there.

When: Saturday, April 26th

Directions: Smithsonian Metro Station:

Time: 11 am

Location Welcome Meet-Up for Peregrine Kate:

  • Mitsitam Cafe inside the National Museum of the American Indian, at  4th St & Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20560.
  • Directions: Follow the Indian American Alliance on their march from their Tipi Camp on the Mall in between 12th and 9th street, to the museum.
  • The National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, D.C., is located on the National Mall between the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum and the U.S. Capitol Building.
  • Metro
    L’Enfant Plaza (Blue/Orange/Green/Yellow lines), exit Maryland Avenue/Smithsonian Museums
  • Bus
    Lines 30, 32, 34–36—Friendship Heights/Southern Avenue
  • Parking
    The museum does not have parking. Parking is available by meter on the surrounding streets and in local paid parking garages. There are nine bus drop-off only spaces on Maryland Avenue accessible from 3rd Street.
  • Time: 2 pm til you arrive, open ended

Again ALL Kossacks are Welcome to Join the March and the Welcome Meet-up for Peregrine Kate.

I am supposed to update you on press releases and articles. Three days ago I saw that President Carter has sent an open letter to President Obama and Secretary Kerry, signed by nine Nobel Peace Prize laureates, saying:

Your decision on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline will define your climate legacy. As Nobel Laureates, we call on you to do the right thing and reject this pipeline.

I wanted to write about that, but couldn't get to it right away. Meanwhile Meteor Blades had updated you on the more important fact that the Dispute over Nebraska pipeline route spurs Obama administration to delay Keystone XL decision and reminds us at that Nebraska's farmers have been taking a strong stand. Bold Nebraska is again part of the Reject and Protect movement of the Cowboy Indian Alliance that organizes the march on Saturday.

Here is what Jane Kleeb, Bold Nebraska Executive Director said:

“Tribal and ranching communities protect our neighbors first and foremost. That is at our core. We will bring our pipeline fighting spirit to Washington, DC in order for President Obama to see our faces so he knows he is not making a decision about a line on a map, he is making a decision about our families and our neighbors. The President said he wants to be able to look at his daughters and say ‘yes he did’ do everything he could to combat climate change. We intend to ensure he honors his word.”
Today I googled for reactions to President Carter's open letter and saw more than twenty critical articles in various media outlets. I got so "disenchanted" and decided not to add "my two cents" on to this diary.

For today I think I can summarize all the fancy analysis and rejection of President Carter's letter by simply saying:

Bold Billboards
Stay Tuned
Extended (Optional)

Originally posted to mimi on Sun Apr 20, 2014 at 06:04 PM PDT.

Also republished by Kitchen Table Kibitzing, Maryland Kos, Virginia Kos, and DC Kossacks.

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