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I will just let the photos speak for themselves.


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2013 pictures fall and winter 543

A big pink moon shining through the Elms and Pecans. Be sure and treat yourself to night time nature walks. You can hear the nocturnal creatures at their business whether it be owls, or opossums or racoons, and in the summer and spring, one will hear a variety of amphibian calls.

2013 pictures fall and winter 873

A moth on a sand plum in early April. A Grapevine Epimenis. These are one of the first moths to emerge in the spring here. Though some butterflies overwinter like the Common Snout and Hackberry Emperors and Goatwings.

2013 pictures fall and winter 725

Red Eared Slider at a local creek.

2013 pictures fall and winter 827

Wild Turkeys strutting across a field. Many people feed them and even raise them in Oklahoma. Although they can be hunted legally, those that are hand raised in rural neighborhoods are often protected by the residents. That being said, don't try to pet or confront them, turkeys are famous for ganging up on unsuspecting people who get too close.

earthday 2014 124

A blue bird stakes out his territory. They are everywhere this time of year.

earthday 2014 216

Before it's a mulberry, it's a tiny flower that no one notices, except maybe the bees and butterflies.

earthday 2014 206

It's been a good season for dandelions. I have so many on my property, the bees have been working them. These are the spore covered in dew on the morning of Earth day.

earthday 2014 170

Organic Tomatoes lovingly grown from seed. Whats in your garden?

earthday 2014 139

Honey Bee on an Apple Blossom, which is as nature intended.

as opposed to:

earthday 2014 013

Honey Bee foraging on garbage because the warm winter days have tricked them into breaking their cluster and foraging for food that isn't there.

earthday 2014 032

A thicket of Sand Plums in April. This is a beautiful sight. Stands like this produce a lot of forage for a variety of domestic and wild pollinators.

None of these photos would be possible without clean air, clean water and clean soil, and enough natural resources to support various habitats. Do what you can to preserve not only nature, but humanity by taking care of the place that sustains us all.

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