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So here we go again. Who are you going to believe? On one side we have the indignant Christie and on the other we have a mayor who kept written notes of contemporaneous events. For me it is all about the notes.

Today we have the latest notes from the mayor. It seems that she actually considered approaching the U.S. Attorney's office and consulted with the cities attorney. Her notes reflected that her decision not to contact them was based on the perception that Christie had friends in the office that would only create more problems for her city.

As a political matter I felt that Christie missed a great opportunity in his press conference by not taking some blame for the tone set in his office. I thought he could have easily confessed that his confrontational and aggressive style might have allowed his staff to incorrectly perceive that they should go beyond just playing hardball. It would have seemed like he was once again shooting straight with the public. Instead when he was asked about the tone he denied he set that tone at all. You just knew listening to him that he was lying. You just knew he was a petty vindictive man.

The mayor has attached previously un-released notes from her now famous notebook to a letter commenting on a Christie proposal to penalize persons for not promptly reporting official misconduct. Of course this is directed at the mayor who waited 8 months to reveal the actions.

The point she makes was who was she going to call? The Port Authority, the state police and even the US Attorney's office all of them were already tainted by Christie people who understood exactly what he wanted done because they know that retaliation and vindictiveness is the Christie tone.

You can read the whole story here:



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2:38 PM PT: Update: Per request here is the link to the documents


2:45 PM PT: Wow, Rec list. Thank you.

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Originally posted to txdoubledd on Wed Apr 23, 2014 at 08:27 AM PDT.

Also republished by Christie Watch.

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