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Robert Jackson was a fun interlude, but he's no longer responding to my emails. Oh well. So it's back to some nutpick, and today's is super fun. Source material, from Thursday:

There are new rumors going around about Cliven. We all know that with the media, words are taken out of context, meanings are twisted, and they can take anything and turn it into what they want it to be. Cliven is a good man, he loves all people, he is not a racist man. He wants what is best for everyone.
Ha ha ha ha! Okay. Head below the fold for lots of delicious Facebook wingnut angst.

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I was wondering when they would try to use the race card. It's typical and beside the point.
We liberals were like, "how can we play the race card?" And then we played it by having Bundy say racist shit. We're wily that way.
even if he was the biggest racist bigot in the world, the issue is still valid, that the federal government is out of control. In logic we call that a red herring; that is something thrown into distract
A red herring is a literary device. Not a logic one. But other than that, everything else is still wrong.
when I saw that article, it was so twisted. if they reported Cliven's words correctly, then Cliven was saying exactly and precisely what the rest of us are saying: the 'entitlement'/welfare system has robbed people of their pride, incentive, their drive, and GovCo, with their welfare, have actually turned those people INTO slaves. Cliven appeared to be just pointing that out, and media found a way to claim it's "racist" and pro-slavery? I don't think so! Cliven is recognizing how GovCo is enslaving the people. Cliven Bundy IS a good man. He is seting an example ALL Americans can be proud to follow.
Wait, I thought it was a red herring and taken out of context. Now it's exactly what they're all thinking?

Of course, it is exactly what they're thinking.

you can blame Glen Beck for some of the crap being said, stay the course out there TRUE Americans and may God Bless You all
Boy, with Glen Beck and Sean Hannity out of the equation, that makes the number of TRUE Americans what, about 17?
I read Cliven's comment. If anything, it sounded like he was being empathetic to the plight of a neglected segment of society. Context is everything.
He was just being a good samaritan, and the LIBERAL MEDIA won't recognize that!
It's obvious he's a good man even if he owes money. Look at all the polititians & other Government officials who owe millions of dollars back pay, such as I heard about some IRS employees. Instead of putting leins on their assets they're given millions of dollars bonuses?? That was on last nights news. They have NO room to talk & can't compare their situation to Clivan's. Clivan isn't behind fees for corrupt reasons as we've already heard him explain. Too bad the Government has a different agenda.
Keep your chin up. Many around the country are starting to come forward with the same complaints you have. America stands strong & we stand with you.
When those who come here to troll start bringing up the racial comments, they're trying to mislead others using false information they're unable to back up. I think you need me give the trolls a good spraying for today.
IRS agents get million-dollar bonuses? We're all in the wrong line of business.
For all you idiots who think that is federal land, do some research before you express your ignorant opinions!! That land was being used and taken care of by the Bundy's before Nevada became a state. That gives them preemptive rights to that land! The feds were only brought on to manage the land, not take ownership of it. At the very most, it could be considered state land, but it's definitely not federal land!! You people need to pull your heads out and stop drinking the koolaid!!
Making up shit is fun!
American's Please remember these words.. Divide and Conquer! There is a lot of meaning in these words.. We must not get side tracked, on someones freedom of speech if we agree or not, this is actually the tactics of the leftest... I will continue to stand with the Bundy's because of the true meaning of this whole fight, it is about us all, not just the Bundy's... DON'T let this divide us, or it will Conquer us.. God bless y'all, and may God always bless America!
Don't worry! America is pretty united in laughing at Bundy and his groupies.
some of us with half a brain understood the context. You should see the comments posted on Rand Pauls pages when he said he does not condone Clivens remarks.. people are slamming him (Rand Paul, for turning). You guys have to take some bad with the good, but over all, dont stress yourself.. we got your back. We understand.
The context is that he thinks black people never learned to properly pick cotton.
I like how the video tape ONLY shows him speaking about slaves and not WHY or the entire conversation. He was merely pointing out the corruption of government, that even free slaves were an illusion. He didn't say they were better off as slaves, only that living off the government is no different. Freedom in this country is an illusion. You liberals are some kind of idiot aren't you? You're so blind to reality.
Is THAT what you think the context is? Still racist.
I read the remarks. Any thinking person knows they are not racist. Poorly worded yes, but he makes the point that being under government control does not make you better off. He could have chosen a better analogy to illustrate the point. Government is over reaching and trying to be over controlling. That is what this is truly about. Its not even about Bundy himself. People in this country that choose to work for a living are tired of a "King George" government. That is what this is really about.
Wait, were his words EXACTLY what they were thinking, or were they poorly worded? STOP BEING SO DIVIDED!!
I watched from 14 min to 20 min and I agree it was a bad analogy but I did NOT get racism out of it. He was making a comparison and to me was showing empathy for whole families on Govt assistance. As far as terminology you have to bear in mind his age and what was normal for his generation. And even the terminology was not offensive IMO.
Guys, the official arbiter of all things racist has spoken. Sorry, he said it wasn't.
I have never met Mr Cliven Bundy are his family but I know in my heart there good people and true Americans screw the media and the government. God bless the Bundy family.
I have never met this commenter, but I know in my heart he's a goat fucker.
I think everyone missed his point because of the language used to convey it.
I think what he was trying to say is the government has not been good on the black community. While the initial intentions may have been good, the end result has been slavery to a system that goes absolutely nowhere. So he asks, has government dependency lead to a better place?
I think not.
Black people get all that free government goodness, which makes the slaves. Bundy gets all that free government goodness, since he refuses to pay what is owed. That makes him... not a slave?

And that Social Security check he's getting? Will his slave-making dependency NEVER END?

Divide and conquer. That's what mainstream news attempts to do best of throwing a wrench into the Liberty movement. Don't question your government or you're being a "racist". Screw them. I support Cliven Bundy.
The Liberty movement is the biggest wrench in the Liberty movement.
I just watched and listened to the video of question. For crying out loud people!! He was showing compassion for his fellow Americans that are trapped and controlled by government programs. He asked the question, are they really any better off today? He was simply stating people on government programs truly do not have their freedom they deserve. Then the New York media twists the hell out of it and all the sheep take it and run with it. Open your eyes!! That's what god gave them to you for.
God gave us eyes so we could open them?
Steiny - I agree. The Bundys do NOT have the experience to take on the Left - hire a pro PR agent
Bundy is too clumsy by openly spilling the conservative agenda.
Every word Mr. Bundy said was apropraite and understood for and by the audience he spook to. He meant nothing but respect when he spoke of what he saw and his views based on facts he experienced over his lifetime. Political Correctness is merely another means of controlling us. Those who do not live where he lives or for that matter where I live here in Mississippi, May not have a frame of reference that allows them to comprehend his meaning, much less the accuracy of his facts. Racism has nothing to do with observing facts over a long life and then relating those facts and sharing the wisdom he has gained. What has happened to this world that a man is standing up for his rights as he sees it, and done so without any violence to then be the object of ridicule because someone sees him as not politically correct? I suggest those who see his facts as incorrect, take a ride and look at what he sees now then ask someone who experienced the world long before you, in rural America, and then make a comment. I saw the same America he did, he is right!
Yup. Bundy was speaking to racists, so of course his words were appropriate. Apropraite too!
It discredits the people that believe Cliven is a racist as you only hear what is in your racist self. I know there is more to this and with only uploading part of a conversation for people to judge on that, means there is more to this and they just want to decrepit him.

I believe we are all slaves to the govt. unless you are willing to fight for freedom.

I will say this also "am racist"

So now I am racist because you only heard part of the conversation. How about all of it "I am not

Stop trying to decrepit Bundy. It's not nice.
Guess what. This is already yesterday's news. LOL. This post will fade away and Bundy will still have American support. Split of course. But I assume at least a million or more people so far are for Bundy. 118 thousand likes on Facebook. Reid is pretty much screwed.
ONE. MILLION. PEOPLE. Of course, the other 313 million are wondering why the hell conservatives are rallying around a deadbeat welfare rancher. But they're probably not REAL Americans.
There is no racism here. You are not listening to what Bundy is trying to say. He is describing what "freedom" for blacks has done for the blacks. We all know the truth; it has done nothing.
Charissa Brent This is crap. The media throws in the race card as a last straw to turn sides. How much did who ever (Reid) pay these people to try and diminish this guys reputation? Why did race even come into conversation. It's not a racial issue, never was. It's about American rights. I for one am so sick of the race card people throw out there. Those people who can't see past color espechially for their civil rights..are the blind racists.
Harry Reid paid Cliven a bunch of money to get him to say racist things. BASTARD!
I read what his statements and I don't find them racist at all. Look at the African-American in today's society. Nothing has damaged them more than the democratic party and the push to legalize abortion to kill off their race as fast as possible. That is what I find sickening. For any race!
The problem with African Americans is that there aren't more unwanted babies?
How come truthfully describing the plight of the black man makes you a racist??? Welfare was meant to enslave not help. Those who think otherwise are very very naive...the government helping people, b*tch please!
Welfare takes your children away and sells them to the highest bidder. And only conservatives understand that!
Anyone with half a brain knows his words were taken out of context. People did the same thing with Hillary when she said she said "I am a white supremacist." What she was actually doing was playing a part of a monologue. Bubdys quote was a comparison between physical and emotional slavery to get people to open their eyes a bit. The issue is it is not just blacks...we are all becoming slaves again.
Everyone with full brains disagree.
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