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Governor Perry poked the eye of Governor Jerry Brown eye today, thanks to the Toyota Motor Company. Toyota announced it was moving its U.S Headquarters from Torrance to Plano, Texas a north Dallas suburb. A 40 million dollar tax incentive enabled Perry to swindle some 4000 jobs from three other states -- with Toyota's Torrance California Campus taking the biggest hit of 2000 jobs. Link.

Check beyond the squiggly for more. And this bullshit really stoked my ire:

The move is a win for Perry’s campaign to lure California companies and a blow to the Golden State, the biggest U.S. auto market and proponent of the strictest clean-air rules. Toyota’s Prius hybrid has been California’s top-selling model for the past two years and helped secure a leading 22 percent market share. Perry has made repeated visits to California to entice businesses to his state with promises of lower taxes and easier regulations.

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So, let me get this straight, Mr. Toyota. You've decided to say "F You"  to the state where you currently enjoy a 22 percent market share. Wow. Who was the bright guy that came up with that brilliant idea? I assume you conducted a risk analysis on this plan. I can't imagine all of your senior leaders wanting to move from SOCAL to the beautiful desert called North Texas with its constantly blowing hot wind created by the weather and Texans.

And why would you aide and abet this crook of a governor by accepting his deal? He represents everything wrong about job growth in this country today. He has no fucking clue how to create jobs. He raids other states to find them -- a modern day Quantrill I'd say. He then characterizes it as job growth, a bald face lie. Growth in Texas perhaps. But only at the expense of another state. Consequently many other states follow his model, but to a greater extreme -- Wisconsin, Kansas and Oklahoma are three good examples. Keep it up and at some point we'll reach a time where high unemployment results in fewer Toyotas leaving the lot.

You're allowing the raider to steal some 2000 jobs from a state where you currently have a 22 percent market share. These are not sound business practices, Mr. Toyota. You should be ashamed for your part in this. It serves you right if your sales in California tank. Maybe you can make up the loss in market share by selling more Prius in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Yeah, like that's going to happen. Hell, they don't like much of anything around here that gets more than 14 MPG. There goes your entire line.

Finally, what is it with Toyota and its so-called southern strategy? I would have thought you would have known a southern strategy is not the wisest of strategic approaches. Just take a look at what the southern strategy has meant to the Republican Party. It resulted in a takeover by spoiled, self-centered, selfish asshats who call themselves the Tea Party, and who are generally less than stellar when it comes to smarts. Two good examples are Sarah Palin and that nut job governor from Texas, Rick...uh, wait a sec. Yeah, the snake oil salesman that duped you.

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