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This is a repost of a previously published diary. Tickets are still available - get one right away! Oh, and did I mention it's free?!

Yes, it's evil me again, tempting you to go out on the town on a work night! This one's not exactly a meetup. It's a benefit, with food and drink, and some pretty exciting honorees in attendance. But you won't have to pay a penny! Come below the Cheeto for more info:

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I hope you've all heard of Living Liberally, a great organization that promotes the social and artistic sides of progressive politics. Those of us who have been NYC meetup organizers have partnered with them on a number of events, and most recently the delightful Juliana Forlano, aka Ironic News, attended one of our meetups to tell us about the Laughing Liberally comedy shows.

Living Liberally is having their annual benefit fundraiser this Thursday evening, May Day (!). This party would normally cost a minimum of $100 to attend, but because Daily Kos is a sponsor, we have been given 10 free tickets to this exciting event, available to the first 10 9 Kossacks who reply.

 Hosts include Dr. Joseph Stiglitz, State Senator Brad Hoylman, recently elected City Council Member Ben Kallos, Bob Fertik, the aforementioned Juliana Forlano, and Justin Krebs, National Director of Living Liberally.

Here are the details:

Join the Friends and Family of Living Liberally
for our Annual Spring Celebration & Fundraiser

Date: May Day - Thursday, May 1st
Location: The DCTV Firehouse, 87 Lafayette St
Liberal Drinks, Liberal food, Liberal Company
with food from Eating Liberally
and official beer sponsor Harlem Blue.

To attend, kosmail navajo. The first ten respondents will receive a free ticket.

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Originally posted to New York City on Tue Apr 29, 2014 at 05:50 AM PDT.

Also republished by Kitchen Table Kibitzing.

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