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Hey, Bay Area Kossacks. Just checking in to make sure y'all know about the May 9-11 350BayArea Climate Conference. (I've been helping out with media hoping to fill the seats and we could sure use your support in spreading the word and showing up.)

Information is below and if any of you have the time to support the first Thunderclap I've linked here, that would really help to amplify the message. (This is a trial run to see how effective Thunderclap is in these campaigns. Right now, we only have five supporters. Supporting doesn't mean you're going; it just means you are helping us to reach 1000 supporters of the clap which entitles us to help from Thunderclap in further promotion.)

Here's the promo:

350 Bay Area hosts their first ever grassroots Climate Conference “Dirty Energy, Clean Solutions." (DECS)” just weeks after the IPCC’s  5th Assessment Working Group III on mitigation announced “large scale changes in the global energy mix” and rapid and dramatic cuts in GHG emissions could keep global warming to a sustainable rise of 2 degree C by 2050.

In fact, the IPCC suggests, a 1.5 degree C scenario is not out of range. If we act now. And act aggressively.

The May 9-11 Conference begins on Friday evening in San Francisco with a keynote address by Stanford University Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Mark Jacobson.  Jacobson, a recent guest on David Letterman, will present his plan for converting to renewable energy by 2050. His address precedes an interactive panel to engage in analyzing the legislative, regulatory and environmental justice implications of implementing the plan. Tickets for a speaker's reception are also available.

Days two and three of the conference shift to Oakland’s Laney College and feature several panels and breakout sessions as well as trainings to strategize effective ways to disempower the fossil fuel attack and expedite the switch to clean energy.

Participants include San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos, a Bay Area Air Quality Management District board member; Shannon Biggs, Global Exchange; David Turnbull, Oil Change International; Madelaine Stano, Center for Race, Poverty and the Environment; Andreas Soto, Communities for a Better Environment; Penny Opal Plant, Idle No More; and Latrice Carter, an anti-fracking activist from Carson, California.

Mark Hertsgaard, author of HOT: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth,  will discuss “Organizing for the Future." Post Carbon Institute Lead Fellow and Peak Oil Expert Richard Heinberg will present “An Oil Industry Overview.”

Register and buy tickets now. Rates are $50 for the entire conference and $30 for Friday evening.


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Totally unrelated, but just returned from Macchu Piccu and here are some of the first images I've downloaded from my trip to Peru. Story on trip percolating for future EcoJustice article

First glimpse of Macchu Piccu.
The trapezoid shaped windows and crevices used in Inca architecture to ensure stability of windows and crevices and doorways.
My daughter at Macchu Piccu.
The Pacific Ocean in Miraflores district of Lima, Peru.
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